Just a word on "Keeping It Real"  

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11/23/2005 9:42 pm

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Just a word on "Keeping It Real"

As we all know, many people here are just looking for some for of attention. How far they are willing to go in the realization of that is purely up to each person and/or couple that finds themselves here.

As for me, I try my very best to keep it as real as possible because of the "horrible" lesson about "The Golden Rule" my mom taught me...

Yes I realize that can in fact set me up for all sorts of wierd encounters (man I could write a book about some of the things I have had happen!) and all that. But I am one that thinks you accpet a person at face value, you take the proper precautions, and above all...keep my sense of humor (as twisted as it can be at times!).

All I ask of those I meet is that they be true to themselves, and keep in mind that we all have our good points and bad...

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