Week-end with Sir and Blondy  

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Week-end with Sir and Blondy

Choclick CHIP weekend with Sir and Blondy

I always think of FUNNIBUNNI when I think of chocolate. But then again she is my favorite chocolate bunni. I always enjoy the little flirts we have here on bootcamp when we talk and the surprising conversations we get to share. But this isn’t really about Funni but it is FUN. XMEch rick and JPS bring their special talents to this group! I wonder if MsTressa would CHOOZMI to play with as a distraction from time to time. This is a play with words that blondy and I have tried to incorporate all of the fun people on the first page of the group into. Oh and maybe a few more.

This is where the story begins…

Blondy stepped off the plane, Her flight from Dallas to Sacramento was short because of the handsome KILTED man sitting next to her. His candor about the relationship she was in was refreshing and allowed her to experience her view of the situation in a new light. He was tall dark with long eyelashes and with sexy BLUEMAX eyes. He held himself with a gentlemanly way that one knew he was a comfort to be around.

As she waited at the airport Blondy went over the conversation in her mind. She was worried about the ramifications of coming to live in a part of the country that was so far from her own and so diverse and different from where she grew up. The insight this man had into her issues was enlightening yet comforting and it helped put the pieces of the puzzle she was playing with into perspective.

Blondy grew up in the bible belt. She grew up in an area where the girls defend their territory and this gentleman was from California.. SINDERLICIOUS DOLLA CAPITAL!! LoL… He was married to a little southern girl from Tennessee. He summarized his relationship to her and assured her that her path had been trodden before and that she had some exciting times ahead of her.

Blondy waited patiently at the airport. Sir was LATE AGAIN!! Whats up with that BOY!! Cant he get anyplace on time!!? Those EVILMONKEY thoughts. Especially when a gorgeous woman is involved? He had called her to say traffic was bad from Napa to Sacramento But he should never make a lady wait!! WANTed2TEACH him a lesson. He needed a spanking!!

Her mind wandered slowly then RACEd to RANDOM moments spent with him ..She remembered the time they drove up to Reno Looking at the SIERRA’s white peaks so Sir could show her the difference from Vegas and WoW Reno was so much smaller, but what stood out in her mind the most was the drive back. It was intimate and close. They had gotten caught in a snow storm on Hwy 80 just after the pass and Caltrans had stopped all traffic on the road because of a big rig that had slid blocking all lanes West. It was snowing hard and the snow flakes piled up on the cars as they sat waiting for the road to be cleared. The heat from our breath, steamed up the windows, making it hard to see out and we had time to talk and play.

I wanted him , yet he was so preoccupied with the situation that it never dawned on him that what I wanted was just his time, just the two of us. His mouth rattled on but I found a quick way to shut it up. I grabbed him. I put my hand over his mouth and straddled him in the front seat, facing him, sitting on his lap. (his thoughts GOD SHEPLAYSWELL!). Pinning him there I released my hand and pinned his lips with mine. I was so hungry for him. He was speechless yet he kissed me back. My skirt slid up my slender gorgeous legs and his hands found the edges of it and traced them as my lips devoured his handsome face.

The warmth of the air blowing from the car heater made clothes seem blatantly un necessary, my hands found the buttons on his shirt and I undid them slowly each one a part of me. Each one allowing me to COMEUNDONEAGAIN. The JAZZWIZARD on the radio bringing sweet music melodies to the temptation before me. The FOXXYDIVA belting out her tune adding ambiance to the the mood. My womanhood pressed close to his KINGSKOT manliness. I eased in to him undoing his belt and releasing his DELICIOUSNGOOD, READYWILLING TOOTSIEDIPPIN COOKIE for my VENUS to eat

His hands grabbing my 2CUTE firm butt cheeks .. I slid my delicate lacy undies aside to allow him entry. His firm hard presence made its self known, slipping effortlessly inside making me gasp as I so often do when I want more. I hungrily ground my self into him taking that which I had wanted so badly.. His physical intimacy!.. Its greeting a FOLIEADEUX to the hunger deep inside my being. My hands firmly planted in his chest, I pressed down taking from him with my womanhood the pleasure I so wanted, grinding slowly and surely toward that LADYSUNRISE that was inevitable.

His hands firmly gripping my hips, he pulled me with each thrust closer to him stretching the fabric of reality to meet his demanding needs. I melted as the CA Sunshine set and the MrMoon held the sky firm. I came .. Not an explosive but rather a warm flowing melting of hot fudge on ice cream, its very nature making me a puddle of emotions in his arms.

The SERENDIPITY of my thoughts came to a halt in the airport lobby as a gentleman paused close to me to remark about my brown knee length boots and how enticing I looked in them. 


A gift of Blondys imagination and Sirs writing to bootcamp.

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