Traveling miles to find what I already knew.  

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8/24/2006 12:18 pm

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Traveling miles to find what I already knew.

Well, I went to visit the man who holds my heart this weekend...the reason as to why we are geographically separated is something I care not to tackle in this particular post, but I assure you it is not by choice. Coming face to face again after nearly 4 months time was a definate reaffirmation to each of us that the emotion is still present and shall without a doubt continue to exist between us. Not only do we complete one another on an emotional level, but in all my years, and all my encounters, I have never had a man fuck me the way this man can! Listen to me when I say that should you happen to find that person with whom you can surrender complete control of your body, mind, and soul...and allow yourself to be shackled naked to large pieces of furniture without fear...Hang on to them!!! Such a connection between two people is indeed all too rare. Unfortunately, we were not given the privlege of ravaging one another, but that was yet again not by choice...enough said.

In the midst of this weekend journey, I was also given the opportunity to meet someone with whom I have for some time been incredibly intrigued. The suspicion that this man was someone I could easily fall into friendship with was quickly proven correct. We had spoken many times on the phone and exchanged photos as most people do these days, however this real-life meeting allowed me the pleasure of visually devouring him. A bonus in this situation was that he turned out to be an incredible person beyond his extremely attractive exterior. As someone who holds a very small circle of close friends, I shall call him friend without hesitation...As a woman who knows when a man is sexy as hell, I shall also continue to salivate and mentally undress him when we're hanging out together without hesitation. Is that so wrong? I think not...

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