Jungle Gyms and Ankle Injuries?  

rm_SinnersMuse 42F
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8/31/2006 10:42 am

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11/30/2006 1:19 am

Jungle Gyms and Ankle Injuries?

Wanna hear something funny? First, a moment of background history...but only a moment, I promise. Ok, so the man I'm in a relationship with is unfortunately geographically distanced from me for a while, hence a sexually insatiable gal like myself must resort to other measures such as hand cramps and rechargable batteries. Sooo...
The other evening after frying my flesh in the tanning bed for a quick 10 minute dose of mood enhancing fake sunshine, I decided to venture homeward via the local park across the street. Having been insanely horny while in the tanning bed for some reason, but not wanting any silly tan lines from my arm stretched southward across my abdomen, I opted instead for a quick solo trist within the park instead. It was between either one of the various picnic tables upon which to sate my lust or...the children's jungle gym!!! Of course the naughty little girl in me chose the jungle gym...so I made my way up through the large geometric shapes painted in primary colors which led me to the top of the 10ft swirly slide! Wasting no time, I quickly settled in, undoing the buttons on my jeans so that my eager fingers had access to my greedy little clit. In the darkness of the park, I ravaged myself with a much practiced hand atop my playground perch, though temporarily interrupted when a truck felt the need to cruise through the parking lot not 15 feet from where I sat. The evening had been rather cool, so luckily I had worn my new favorite hoodie, and the stranger with the intruding head lights was unable to see exactly where my right hand was hiding. Now of course, this only heightened my enthusiasm, and perhaps no more than 20 seconds after my interruption had driven away, I was blessed with an incredible, body quaking orgasm.
Feeling a bit more relaxed, I buttoned myself up and headed across the park toward home with a smile of contentment upon my lips. That is until...in my post-orgasmic haze I stepped in a crater in the park's lawn and down I went, wrenching my left ankle around in ways it was not meant to twist. After realizing that I had not broken anything, I simply sat upon the ground for several moments and...laughed. Thus is the way things work for me. Eventually I hobbled the rest of my 10 minute walk home, and though the event happened exactly a week ago, I still have a slightly noticable limp!

nikki_im4u 53F

8/31/2006 11:00 am

Well,,im sure your covert action upon the jungle gym was more memorable than your unfortunate fall even if there is still a
limp a week later.



3wayinSD 47M/42F

9/4/2006 10:24 am

It is by far the best post I've read in a very long time. I will never view the red swirly slides the same. Your post made me laugh and got me very hot! We have GOT to get together some time. You are so damn funny!!

disobediant_ange 37F
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11/27/2006 9:30 pm

Ha HA! That is why your my best friend! I really need to start reading your posts! No wonder you couldnt walk forever! And no doubt at the park where I had sex one fateful night 4 years ago! I had the same problem at 4am with a streetsweeper who passed by TWICE! That park will never be the same again!

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