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6/26/2006 12:36 pm

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I kept my clothes on at first and stripped him down to his underwear. He lay back on the bed as I slowly stroked his chest, arms, and legs. I leaned over him and kissed him, feeling a sort of masculine energy; I was the aggressor and he was more passive. I worked my way down to suckle his nipples, as if he were the woman. I pulled his shorts off to see what was underneath. His cock had a remarkable, mushroom-like head that was soft and fleshy. I kissed the tip - he moaned and reached down to pull off my shirt. I surrounded his cock with my breasts and stroked it with my nipples. He lay back, watching me. He reached down to pinch my nipples hard. I love to have them sucked, too, but mostly because then I can whisper what I really want - for him to bite me there. Oh yeah, that's the stuff.

I pushed my tongue deep into him and French-kissed the head of his cock. He moaned some more. I sucked the head and worked my tongue all over him while I lightly stroked the shaft with my hand. I descended to pull one of his balls into my mouth and suck on it gently. I did each one, holding it in my mouth and working my tongue over every inch of it that I could reach. When I was satisfied, I kissed my way back up the shaft to pull the head into my mouth again. I opened my mouth wide and gently enfolded him as I moved up and down - much like a warm, inviting, other place.

I took off the rest of my clothes and lay down on the bed next to him. He moved atop me and bent my legs up so that I was perfectly presented to him. He entered me slowly, taking care so as not to cum too fast. He fucked me very slowly, trying hard to maintain control. He said that I was tight and warm. He asked me to play with my breasts so that he could watch while he fucked me. I licked my fingers and pinched my hard nipples for him. He pushed my legs up further, constricting my pussy even more, and fucked me harder while I played with my nipples. I loved having him on top of me, holding me down. My legs were bent up as far as they would go, his face inches from mine as he drove himself hard into me. I saw his eyes glaze over as I started to cum. "How can you stand this?" I teased him. He couldn't. He pulled out of me to pour his glistening cum all over my belly. I reached down to scoop a couple of fingers of it into my mouth. Didn’t want to miss out on the tasty treat.

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6/26/2006 1:11 pm

Well you got me good and hard! What a great discription.Some lucky guy I'd say

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6/26/2006 1:57 pm


Things like this need to happen way more often.

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