Super Soak-her!  

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6/13/2006 10:52 am

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Super Soak-her!

My Mother used to say that boredom is The Devil's playground and I suppose that makes me sitting at my computer some evenings.... The Devil’s plaything! There are just some nights that I am bored senseless on this thing. One can only do so much phone sex without replaying the old tapes over and over. As proof of the naughty Vixen/Diva I can be, I offer up my email address and slipped it into the palm of the hand of the handsome stranger at the car wash yesturday. Needless to say, my car was not the only thing wet!

You can look at the menu but you just can't eat.
You can feel the cushions but you can't have a seat.
You can stick your foot in the pool but you can't have a swim.
You can feel the punishment but you can't commit the sin.
. . . We want everyone . . . but no one ever is to blame.

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