Stop and Smell the Roses!  

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5/28/2006 2:55 pm

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Stop and Smell the Roses!

I am headed over to Pasadena tommorrow for a good old "swap meet" at the Rose Bowl. And no, it is not some swinger orgy this time. That is in San bernardino! I never know if I need to use a regular wave or the parade wave as I cruise by cops on the 210 going 100 mph. Speaking of parades, Pasadena reminds me of little old ladies and parades. The floats they build are awesome.....I would never waste a week helping out (see Time blog) but I might show up on the last day and take credit. Like a George W. Bush photo op. Parades are cool for the first five minutes. What can I say ...I have ADHD. Even though they're just flatbed trucks covered in flowers and B-list celebrities, I like floats. They're beautiful and elusive, never pausing on their designated route to allow you to stop and smell the roses. I'm sure you agree, unless you're one of those weirdos who like marching bands.

Personally, I would throw a few coconuts at em , I mean on em. I don't mind coconuts from the outside. They are kind of hairy, but hey you can paint them. Hanging from trees, they represent a challenge for stranded pirates and reality-show contestants. Conked together, they sound like horsies. But if you cut out the meat and sprinkle it on my ice cream, that's where you lose me. Ick If they sold ice cream at parades, I might stay longer. But after 30 minutes at a's time to find the corner bar and create your own parade. And don't worry, the cops are too busy at the real parade. No wave needed!

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