Saving Face and Trading Places  

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6/13/2006 5:12 pm

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Saving Face and Trading Places

Hey, as you will see in my next post....I was worried about my pictures on the Internet. It is about under control and I think I have only found about 5000... so not to worry at this point....quite yet. I just might be able to get on Jeapardy! Anywho!!! I am gonna share another little secret. I did "save" face elsewhere! My face is not hanging in the post office! Do they still do that? Why? We have the Net? Why do we even need Libraries? Oh, yess for those romp, roaring AdultFriendFinder meat and greets! Well, I was lucky enough to get parole and community service for this last criminal offense unlike the last time. I hate that word criminal. I feel so violated! Well, what happened that day.... wasssss...I was waiting in the drive up line at the Taco Bell .... playing my usual game with the lady or young gentleman behind the mic. It is a game of sorts I call "Echo" where I repeat what they say as they always repeat what I say and then they always add a damn item so I decide to subtract an item and then ask for a Big Mac to boot! They see my car these days and well, let's just say someone has copped an attitude with their minimum wage status. But this particular time, I had a hypoglycimia attack and my blood sugar dropped fast and I needed the food ASAP! So my game stopped and so did the service! I sat in the line, blowing fuel like we never went to war and I am getting dizzy, shaky and edgy! I am starving and I am wasting gas! I finally get to the damn window and they take the money and then the food walks it sweet time over like the word "popcorn" flashing before the movie starts. Finally , I am handed the goods and I put my gun down and it just happens to be the wrong order! Where the hell is my Big Mac! Woops, I forgot I quit the game...But I got a Buritto and I wanted the Taco! They gave me Sprite and I wanted Diet Coke! And I asked for extra sauce and they gave me ketchup! Damn, I saw red and went PMS style now! Needless to say, I never bothered looking in the rear view mirrror to see Officer Knightstick in his squad car. Yes, I got in trouble. So now I am summons to do community service outside Walmart on weekends sitting at some ugly cart table....(like the kind your grandma used to make you eat at for Christmas dinner) and my responsibility was to ask people to sign the petition to get Gas Prices Lowered! Hey, should we not do this outside a 7/11? Well, I tell ya what...I had a wonderful marketing sign as posted in the picture above. I had regular gas priced at an ARM, plus priced at a LEG and premium priced at Your First Born! Well, 2 cart tables over..(.the right to life squad) did not like my style! Wonder what crime they did??? So I changed my game and got worried more about the kind of people that come in and out of Walmart! It is scarier then the fucking price of gas! I moved over to 7/11 least they have slurpees!

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6/15/2006 5:12 pm

be worried about pics without ownership/copyright language

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