Quack Quack !  

rm_Simplysexy65 50F
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5/25/2006 12:28 pm

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6/10/2006 1:50 am

Quack Quack !

Do I have loser on my forehead or fuck me? This AdultFriendFinder blog cafeteria is as about as cliquey without the mouse "CLICKS" on my blogs.....and petty as a overcrowded Junior High Cafeteria on picture day! It is ok....I never was a joiner of groups...walk to my own beat so to speak..Failed girl scouts and got asked to leave the Fraternity with my clothes on.......But if you do not send me a comment once in awhile, say goodbye to the Duck! Ha...just kidding......I do not give a shit! My shrink says this is good therapy for me as long as I keep my clothes on! Have a wonderful day!!!

I am taking my ball and going home now!

GuyWhoListens2u 56M
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5/25/2006 2:41 pm

I never did like that duck, but with that aside...

Personally, I have found that it's much easier to stay on the "actively ignored list". Its like a pre-made mini goal.. and you are there from day one. Hey.. another success!

Looking back, I saw that you have posted a lot of good info.. (and I only got 4 pages back.) It is only a matter of time till you have commenters crawling all over the place.

rm_Simplysexy65 replies on 5/25/2006 3:32 pm:
Yes, I actually prefer the actively ignored list....I just had to throw in some shock factor as I am one of those woman that never bitches, I just bend over and take it. Ha! I always sit in the back of the class, last row of movie theaters, never get pulled over for speeding tickets, and I can walk up to the check out at Blockbuster Videos and return movies 3 months late without a charge or late free. Double D , I mean three D movies of course! Are you seeing Double yet?

goodguysneedit2 56M

5/25/2006 9:55 pm

I go with what Nikki said... you'll find and attract the people of substance by visiting their blogs as well. It's cool as hell really.
I get more mileage out of visiting other blogs than writing my own.

And.. regardless of what your therapist says.. a little skin exposure is very liberating! You'll just have to trust a guy about that..LOL

GuyWhoListens2u 56M
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5/26/2006 6:40 am

All goofing around aside, Nikki and GoodGuy are correct.

I found you because you happened to turn up on the "recent post list" but being seen there is a shot in the dark.

Also, in case you weren't aware, mostly guys read female blogs and visa versa.... so if you want to be noticed, start commenting on some more popular blogs.

GuyWhoListens2u 56M
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5/26/2006 12:10 pm


Interesting you are a back row resident.. actually I am shocked that I haven't see you in person before. Maybe thats because it was a dirfferent back row.

In your response, both of the pictures you presented are easy to see, but I am have a little trouble seeing what "sitting in the back row" has to do with "double D's and not getting late fees."

As a side note I would like to mention that your clever subject changing abilities are light years ahead of anything I have seen up till now. I read what you wrote 3 times before I started wondering what was going on.

rm_Simplysexy65 replies on 5/26/2006 5:00 pm:
Hey Mr GuywhoListens2U

You obviously are a Hawkey and not a Cyclone, so let's take this slow You have have seen me in Ames.....4th cheerleader from the left...the one that went RIGHT! Yes A Cyclone! However, I like to quietly enter and save the big blow for later. You too?

Sitting in the back row! Bad girls get caught...naughty girls walk away smiling. Are we smiling yet? Or is it hard?

OK now....late movie rental returns....I need popcorn just to answer your comments...Did I aks for this? I define myself by my breasts and they are the first to enter a room. (Spoken in men's locker room mentality) So...I bounce in with the naughty girl smile and say my movies are late but I have a hot new steamy one coming out tommorrow. Naughty girl smile and I adjust my bra....Capisce??

Cliff Notes Available under psychological (experimental) research...Ames, Iowa

GuyWhoListens2u 56M
325 posts
5/29/2006 9:19 pm


"Enter quietly and save the big blow for later"
Yeah.. exactly! Referred to as a "sleeper" in the muscle car days.

You almost have me pegged.. I went to ISU for a limited time (long story) but live nearer that other college. However, even with proper loyalaties established it still might help to keep it at a Hawkey pace, remembering that I am male.

I must say it is quite unexpected for a person located so far away to have a connection like that... very pleasing to hear.

Clever, naughty, cheerleader +... yes, I am smiling, and I do see what you were saying now. Thank you for helping me. You have me wishing I worked in a video store.

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