Pixie Stix  

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6/28/2006 12:32 pm
Pixie Stix

He pulled out one of the bottles of champagne. As soon as he popped the cork, he placed a thumb over the opening and shook the bottle creating a spray of champagne that he aimed at my nakedness. I turned and danced to the song. He knew I loved to dance! He covered my skin with the spray and bubbles of champagne until I was drenched head to toe.

Next he drew a pair if scissors out of the bathroom drawer and used it to cut the ends from several pixie stix at a time. He sprinkled the flavored sugar over my wet skin. Of course it stuck to the dampness. I turned this way and that offering him different parts of my anatomy to be coated with the sweetness. Lastly I bent over and exposed the part of me that had not needed the champagne in order for the pixie dust to stick. When he was done I was coated as thoroughly as a powdered donut.

I left the shower and stepped out onto the twister mat. He removed his clothes. The excitement was building. We had agreed that we could not touch anywhere except where he was licking the sugar from my body. The twister game was for added interest. He spun the wheel. Right foot blue. Left foot yellow. Right hand green. Left hand red. I assumed my first position. He started the egg timer. I had to hold the position until time was up. He began licking the pixie dust from my body.

Time is up. Spin wheel. Left foot green. Start timer.

My body was straining to hold the positions required. It would be difficult anyway, but with the distraction of a tongue washing your body it is nearly impossible. The arousal alone was making my body shake. The strain on my lean muscles was more than I could handle after a few turns. Luckily he had anticipated this and had the beach ball to support my ass or abdomen as needed. I was breathing heavily and shaking all over. I very nearly had an orgasm just from being washed by his tongue.

When he finally got to the part he had saved for last, my pussy, there was no sugar left. It was all a sweet syrupy mix of he pixie dust and my own juices. I came almost immediately. It was the most intense orgasms I have ever had. All motor skills left me and I crumbled into a quivering heap. He lifted my pelvis back to his face and continued to eat my sugary cum. It was like a drug induced stupor of pleasure I was in. ..

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