Pillow Fighting  

rm_Simplysexy65 50F
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5/28/2006 4:27 pm
Pillow Fighting

It’s common knowledge that one of my favorite fetishes is performed every Sunday night. I like to invite friends over for a "slumber party" and have huge pillow fights. Eventually, the fighting gets pretty crazy, one of the pillows bursts open, and as feathers fly around the room, then we all take our hairbrushes and omg....no way....we have dildos for that....I was going to say.....we take our hairbrushes and lip sync to an old Motown tune.

Pillowfights. Harmless fun? Perhaps, until you get a zipper to the eye. I should warn you, that's about as good as this stuff's gonna get today. My left eyes is still twitching but I think I found a new Sandy Duncan fetish.

My favorite part of a pillowfight is the moment when the pillow bursts, sending goose feathers all over the place. Mostly because it's a beautiful image, almost like an indoor snowfall, but also because I want to see if anyone is allergic to geese. Sneezing fetish!

This is all followed with a spontaneous game of naked twister! Do I know how to throw a part or what?

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