On Hold!  

rm_Simplysexy65 50F
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5/28/2006 3:12 pm
On Hold!

I am sitting here on the phone and after pushing at least 7 buttons (see Girl Interrupted blog)that leads to the final human voice....I am put on hold! God! If he saw my AdultFriendFinder profle and testimonials he would not do this. Hold music is bad for one of two reasons. One, itís bad music, and youíre already annoyed about being on hold, and now youíre stuck listening to this. Or two, itís good music, and when they finally pick up the phone, you donít get to listen to the song anymore. Worse, they pick up as youíre singing along, and then you have to explain to the Visa representative why your milkshake isnít actually better than his. HA! Why eat ice cream when you can have a milkshake!

So sitting on hold, listening to tunes made for elevators I have a "flashback" nightmare that haunts me often. Did I lock my padlock on my locker???? Do you remember back in high school.....Oh you know back in high school,we all had em....one of these locks on your locker. Making sure nobody made off with that valuable Algebra textbook. OK, maybe you had some precious pictures taped to the inside door. Kathy Ireland. Kirk Cameron. Or both. Hey, nobody wanted that stuff. The most commonly stolen item from school lockers? Padlocks.....Thinking where my padlock is for the gym so no one steals my panties anymore. God! I sell them on ebay! Is that not good enough?

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