Mutual Masturbation  

rm_Simplysexy65 50F
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6/28/2006 12:43 pm

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7/1/2006 11:12 pm

Mutual Masturbation

I love to watch him play with himself. It's so hot to know that I am what is causing him to reach into his pants and begin stroking his hard cock. To unzip the pants and push down the boxer shorts and display himself to me. He swirls his hand over the soft skin, eliciting a slight moan. It's so hot to gaze upon a hand, moving up and down the shaft, the other periodically gliding over his balls. The pace quickens, the moans grow more audible. He begins rubbing faster and faster, until his hand is a blur of motion. And cum.

And what is the catalyst? Why it's me, of course. Sitting on the couch in a skirt, legs splayed out- one of the couch, one on the coffee table- with my hand dangling between. And no panties on.

I am a firm believer in mutual masturbation!!

snakee2 52M

6/28/2006 3:42 pm

I am a firm believer in mutual satisfaction. Be it by means of independent arousal or as a joint effort. What better way to spend an afternoon than with a companion in mutual bliss?

NickRules999 39M
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6/28/2006 3:52 pm

I saw you on webcam last night. You are very beautiful.

I'd like join you in mutual masturbation.

Come into my realm! You aren't afraid...are you?

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