Life in a Fish Bowl  

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7/1/2006 9:14 pm

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Life in a Fish Bowl

The beauty in life.... and the way some fail to find it.... the way some hide their feelings and emotions... and for some it is even behind the solid walls of their own fault or vault?

What if I asked you this question: What do you want in life? Most people would say, "happiness." But is happiness worth deluding yourself for? Some people shield themselves from sadness by adopting a positive-thinking philosophy, a philosophy of self-affirming mantras and harsh self-discipline. Positive thinking may help you attain your goals, but positive thinking also blinds you from reality. Is it wise or moral to change the channel when you hear about the war in Iraq so you can enjoy moments of fleeting happiness from a cheap romance movie?

Self-help is just a euphemism for self-deception. All humans need some complex fraud to distract them from the harsh realities of life, whether it's religion, money, or even love.

The Grand essentials of happiness are: something to do, something to love, and something to hope for.

People who sit behind their computer day in and day out, read about life experiences and yet never let themselves experience them. But time moves inexorably in one direction. Time cannot be stopped. In a physical sense the past and the future don't exist. Yet your computer can log it all. We are only conscious in the present. Everything we do, everything we achieve, every bit of happiness we experience -- they are all eventually buried in the past by time.

An individual's behavior is not independent of his environment. Humans are conformists by nature, and humans will modify their behavior to assimilate into existing social categories. If any individual dares to stray from the category to which he has been assigned, he is shouted down and ostracized. No one can resist the urge to conform, so why bother? Everyone is nice in public, yet on the streets they blare their horns, scream, and swear. I never was a conformist. Perhaps it is why I have found success in life. Why I know who I am.

My emancipation was enabled by my discarding the constraints of 'normal life' and following what my heart desired, a jolting-shock of realisation, and a cathartic sense of hope. We can all strive for a certain 'American Dream', yet so few actually attain it. C'est La Vie.

Life can become a satire about the American community and about the American life; dark, painful irony and cynicism in the descriptions of life and people; deep sarcasm on types of people in the community, habits of behaviour such as "...if you want to succeed, you always have to seem successful..." or "never stop smiling", parasites of the community, and, most importantly, the treatment of people who are "different", who are "freaky" to some extent; and eventually, we find there is no person that is not odd in some way..

The American Dream is like biting into the fruit of knowledge (a.k.a. the apple), the edgy initial sting is followed by a bitter sweet aftertaste.

Your ambition, or lack there of, is what leads you to success or failure, to adventure or complacency, to building a comfortable life or living unhappily and uncomfortably. Embracing your inherent kindness can bring you love, friendship, and alliances, but denying breath to that kindness is what leaves you lonely and desperate for affection. And this is what I am thinking the most important thing is, this is the thing that's been keeping me up at night: the way you choose to spend your time is what truly determines if you are living your life to the fullest, and how much you're going to get out of it in the end.

And especially for anyone who has acquired enough wisdom to know that no matter how old you are, there's plenty of life left that's worth living, and plenty of growing up still left to do along the way.

elysianpleasure 47M

7/1/2006 9:29 pm

Someone was busy today... lots to read here...

I don't really know what the American Dream is... I think for the rest of the world it is the freedom and the possibility this country holds. In many countries you are practically born into a trade, into a class... and here with the right ambition and effort almost anyone can become almost anything... or at least things that go way beyond what they could in their native cultures. I think as Americans we almost all take this American Dream for granted. We loose sight of our ability to do, to become almost anything...

I know I am not living all my dreams... but I am trying to do a close approximation.

Nice post...

Now the question is how much of your blog will I read tonight

rm_Simplysexy65 replies on 7/1/2006 10:56 pm:
To begin with......I will answer the simple things....
Enough food to never be hungry.
Enough heat to never be cold.
Enough friends to never be lonely.
Enough joy to never be sad.
Enough energy to never be weary.
Enough understanding to never carry a grudge.
And most of all, enough love to never be wanting.

passion7523 51M
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7/2/2006 2:26 am

time so infinite!
for those that live.
yet, so finate for those
that merely exist

very well written simply sexy! reading it reminded me of what i consider another of lifes paradoxes

so much of our time
spent as an adult
so little as a child
and yet we lived more
and had more time
as a child

as a child we appreciated and dwelled in the simple and basic pleasures of life including that which you refer to in your reply above,and time seemed almost to stand still! quality time. As adults even though we have more time we are always in a hurry chasing in most cases that which matters least. We are caught up in ego and conformity, and all too soon we die and life has passed us by and for most of us we have not lived but merely existed!

I totally agree with you, how you choose to spend your time determines totally how much you are going to get out of life in the end! You certainly seem a picture of health both pysically and mentally and your writings another gem ive come across since joining AdultFriendFinder thankyou.

rm_Simplysexy65 replies on 7/3/2006 6:38 pm:
Hey ! Thanks for the nice comments! Love your insight! Yes, I am a deep thinker! A blessing and a curse! Alone I sit in constant time, many feelings that were not always defined. Many thoughts have come true, exposed in ways by the things I do. Time can be viewed as a concept created in thought, I erase from the memory what was improperly taught. I seek to find it as my youth, and relive it with truth!

reverend21 49M
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7/2/2006 2:49 am

beauty and contemplation, what a refreshing combination.

but I do have to disagree with you on your use of the word wisdom, we gain knowledge and experience through life. How we apply that knowledge shows wisdom or lack there of.

somethingelse40 75M
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7/2/2006 8:38 am

Alas, I've found the secret of happiness ~~ total disregard of rationale.

somethingelse40 75M
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7/2/2006 9:01 am

that narrow road that winds dead ahead …

the stark, cutting edge of reality …

a truly profound blog and post …

rm_smosmof2 67M
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7/2/2006 10:40 am

"Self-help is just a euphemism for self-deception. All humans need some complex fraud to distract them from the harsh realities of life, whether it's religion, money, or even love"

On this point, I think I disagree with you. Most self-help programs I have encountered are more about getting the person to become satisfied with those resources in hand than being dissatisfied at not having unattainable resources..... It seems to me to be the neurosis of our age to always be miserable about wanting something we can't have, and then being miserable about it once it is obtained, because it isn't what we expected it to be.

The self-deception is in believing that obtaining things that we don't have will make us happy. You have listed some necessities in your response to elysianpleasure. This is a good list, and most of the misery I've seen has more to do with convincing ourselves that we need something beyond this in order to be happy.

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