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Just Do It!

It SHALL Be Done!" Read and feel free to comment!!

"It SHALL be Done!"

Start doing it... and know, It SHALL be done!
If you want something.... anything bad enough....
WHAT can possibly stop you?
Many times our greats were thought of as lunatics!
Belief is such a powerful thing....
If you BELIEVE 100 percent and are willing to fight for your dream - WHO can stop you??
Certainly not Hollywood!
Certainly not law school!
Certainly not any individual person or institution.
I'm here to tell you that you CAN do anything you truly want.
You don't have to devote your life to it... but you do have to have a focus. **When you are focusing on your dream let nothing else get in your way** (tell the kids - "don't bother Daddy for the next half hour, he's working on his DREAM. I'll be back out to play in only 45 mins.")
Even if it's putting aside only 30 mins a day to devote to moving ahead in your dream.
Did you know that if you spend ONLY HALF that time reading in any particular field (15 mins) a day - in 5 years, the amount of information you take in WILL make you one of the world's current leading experts?? (can you say Jeapardy?)
only 15 mins a day!
I've done this with positive thinking books.... and look what is DONE to me.... I'm an expert on positive thinking... .OH NO...! haha... ok it's just an idea now!!!
only 15 mins a day is enough to devote to your dream.
if you can do more DO it!
but ... do it at your pace. DO it.
DO it.
NOT "Think it."
Start doing it.... and KNOW it SHALL be Done!
"It SHALL be done!"

Don't be a carbon copy. Be original. Be yourself."!!!!!!!!

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