Is She Great In Bed?  

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Is She Great In Bed?

I sure hope we have all experienced great sex before Misstress Mafia , here reporting Is she great in bed? Time is money , and money buys time I mean court time.....! Joke, relax! There are many different levels of “Great,” sex. It is like the difference between run-of-the-mill sex and sex with a woman who really knows what she is doing Key word is Woman. It’s like the difference between driving a rusted-out Camaro and cruising in a Mercedes or BMW. It is a whole other world -- a wonderful place where you feel like a god, it lasts for hours and always ends with a mind-blowing, knee-buckling crescendo.

These woman ooze sexuality and show off an amazing portfolio of moves when it counts most. Both on or off the court. They will surprise you with their ingenuity, flexibility and unrivalled improvisational skills and roleplay. They are extremely enthusiastic about sex and their eagerness to have a great time translates into a rollicking good time for all involved (thin walls included)..

But how do you know which woman possess this rare skill set? After all, it’s not something you’ll find on an AdultFriendFinder profile or resume. Instead, you have to look for clues that hint at their prowess in the sack. Once you know what to look for, you could be in for the ride of your life.

The signs

She dresses the part
This is easily the most obvious “clue” to look for, and also one of the most trustworthy. The old saying, “The clothes do not make the woman,” does hold some water, but women brazen enough to wear tight, revealing clothing share many characteristics with sexually proficient women: Confidence in their bodies, a lack of inhibition and an unmistakable wild streak.

That’s not to say the hot little number in the tennis outfit, jogging pants and sweatshirt isn’t a sexual dynamo -- but when you are looking to weed out the good from the bad, wardrobe is always a good place to start. Tennis Anyone?

She talks the talk
For a lot of guys, a girl with a trucker mouth gets an automatic disqualification. Some guys like their girls “girly,” but those that can get past this blue language will more often than not find a woman that isn’t just talking the talk, but who is also walking the walk. If she is willing to engage in raunchy sex talk outside the bedroom, imagine how much hotter it could get once you’re actually in it. Those "F-bombs" and "C-words" she utters in everyday life take on a whole new meaning between the 400 thread Count Pima Cotton sheets. Sure, she might occasionally shock you, but she’ll also blow you away literally and figuratively.

The other side of this coin, of course, is the diminutive, pencil-skirted goody two-shoes. Speaking from experience, these “square pegs” can light up a bedroom with completely unexpected sexually explicit language. It comes from way out of left field and immediately rachets things up tenfold.

She reads up on the topic
Once you get back to her place, give her bookshelf a quick scan. You can look for obvious clues like Seductive Massages, Volume 12 or a cliff notes version of The Expert’s Guide to Kama Sutra, but you can also keep an eye out for more subtle clues, like books by the likes of Little Birds Erotica By Anais Nin. If she’s assertive, older or competitive, you may be in for a great romp of your lifetime.

She makes decisions
A woman that gives the old, ”I don’t care, whatever you want to do” to every question you ask will often be just as passive in bed. Very few guys outside the necrophilia crowd enjoy an overly submissive lover who lies there quietly and gives no feedback whatsoever. Talk about a starfish! Communication is the Key!But find a woman who suggests you go for spicy Italian or picks the movie before the date, and you’ve probably found a class-A partner.
This self-assuredness will translate into the bedroom, meaning that she’ll have no problem telling you what she likes and what is working for her. Sexually satisfied woman will go to great lengths to reciprocate the favor, which is very, very good news for the guy who satisfied her. Of course, there is a fine line between assertive and demanding, but find a woman who strikes a balance and you have a keeper.

She’s a bit older
Listen up gentlemen, the more foul shots you take, the better free-throw shooter you become, right? The more backhands your stroke, or any hand....oh never mind....So it makes sense that the more sex you have, the better you become at it. Older woman have had enough sex to know what they want, as well as what their past partners have enjoyed. There’s no awkward, self-conscious feeling-out period; it’s usually straight to the good stuff. They also often have enough diverse sexual experience to show you a new trick or two. Doctors say that men reach their sexual peak around 18, while women don’t hit their stride until their mid-30s. This may explain the divorce rate, and also lends credence to the conception that older woman are world-class partners in the bedroom.
She’s competitive
You know the woman on the tennis court who swears under her breath whenever a mistake is made? Odds are she is an absolute dynamo in bed. (I know from experience Competitive woman don’t like being bad at anything. Anything!! Chances are, the same effort that goes into her performance on the court also goes into her performance in the bedroom. Love/Love She will go out of her way to ensure it is a memorable experience. And since she is also athletic, the added bonuses of a tight, toned body and above-average flexibility make her a potential grand slam!! Oh and if she can dance, watch out!!
She can carry on a conversation
Sex experts point out that if a woman’s conversation cadence and non-verbal actions mirror a man’s, they often enjoy a finely tuned, mutually beneficial sex life. If your conversations are stunted and filled with awkward silences, there is a good chance you will enjoy a similarly choppy, awkward roll in the hay.

Good conversationalists use non-verbal language to gauge how the conversation is going and proceed accordingly. The same goes for great sex; with good partners reading the other person's body language and gauging what they are enjoying or not enjoying. If you find her easy to talk to, you will probably also find her fantastic at many other, infinitely more enjoyable things.
sexy signs
So now you know what to look for if you are serious about bedding a sexually skillful woman. None of these are slam-dunk locks for picking them out of a crowd; they are only guides to help you narrow the field. The most important tool to use is your gut. Listen to it and you could find yourself in for one wild night (and morning and afternoon, too). Just be weary once you cross the line into “great sex” with an adept woman; you risk raising the bar to the point where even good sex pales in comparison. But trust me, it’s a risk worth taking. Without risk, there is no reward.

The woman was able to undermine any moral integrity within the heterosexually-dominated environment. Not only did she seem to receive free drinks, but she took over the main stage for dancing.. She made a spectacle of herself and seemed to be looking for attention. She physically created a large space around herself through her fluid and space-consuming body movements. She directed the movement of others surrounding her by inviting them to dance with her, she made movements in a sexual nature on the dance floor. She was playing a specific role, that of an sexual woman while she danced provocatively all over the dance floor. It seemed she lusted for both sex and sexual movement. She showed that sexuality today is a product or commodity to self-help and self-fulfillment but at the same time requiring levels of self-control. Through her strong, assertive, dominating body language, she undermined the common expectation of this bar. She could gain sexual satisfaction anyway that she pleased. It seems she may have asserted extra sexual control to challenge the minds watching her. She seemed to like having a shock factor all around her. What was interesting, however, was the supportive attention that this woman received from eager male on-lookers. It was obvious that a strong, sexual woman was accepted by the men within the space. She later demonstrated the performance aspect of gender and its interaction with the body language. She casually placed a drink between her legs and readjusts her hair while sitting up at the bar. While the bottle was propped between her legs, a male kneeled down and pretended to drink from this bottle. This can be seen as a distinct sex-reversal here demonstrating dominance in the hands of the woman as she exploits her control. What is important to consider here is that this specific scene contributes to the performance of gender and sexuality within the space and/or a woman who knows what she is doing.

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Muy interesante, lastima que yo no escriba en inglés y tal vez tu no leas en español, entonces va ha ser difícil contactarnos, ni modo, será en otra vida.

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