If you wanna ride my ass, pull my hair!  

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6/13/2006 9:53 am

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If you wanna ride my ass, pull my hair!

Now with my ass pressing against your hardness, I want you to lift my tight little skirt and reach around to cup my pussy in your palm, feeling the damp,soft satin against your hand. I’ll make a small approving sound and press more insistently against your cock. With deft fingers, move aside the sash and touch me, there, right there, like kisses caressing my cunt. Slide two fingers inside of me, curling them just so, now stroking me inside and out. I’ll let you draw me down into myself until my whole being begins and ends at your command, and your fingers are slick with my hunger and anticipation.

There’s no one around and I am shuddering with waves of small orgasms, but not finished yet, not even nearly there and you know full well what it is I am waiting for. So unbutton your jeans, let them fall past your hips, pushed down by the weight of the rock hard cock, which will nestle itself into the cleft of my ass. Leaning forward on that bar and moving up onto my tiptoes, I’ll squeeze it between my thighs and guide it with my hips, rocking back and forth just enough to make the tip of your cock stroke my clit, awash in the sensation of your heat mingling with mine, grinding on you, with the head of your cock at the mouth of my pussy until I can’t stand it an instant longer, until you stop holding back and plunge your cock, finally and furiously inside.

I want you to fuck me hard while I’m coming, hands on my hips, fingers biting into my flesh. I want you to slam into me, making me weep from the mix of pleasure and pain. And when you’re ready, when you’re almost there, reach up, wind your hand in my hair and pull my head back, arching my body more, as if your fucking cock might break me in two. Nothing nice or sweet here, no gentleness or cognitive thought. Fuck me more animal than human for those last few strokes because every cell in my body is screaming, begging to feel the exquisite release of your self into mine.

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6/13/2006 11:22 am

Very nice indeed!!!

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