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A woman walks into a bar. The bartender says to the woman, "What can I get you?" "Make it a Manhattan," says the woman, who promptly throws it down in one gulp.

"That'll be five dollars," says the bartender.

"Screw you!" says the woman. "You offered to get me something. I thought you were paying." (Blonde of course)

"Get out," says the bartender. "You're banned. I don't need your crap." (Hates woman?)

Two years later, the same woman walks into the same bar with the same bartender.

The bartender looks at her and says, "You're the slut who tried to con a drink out of me, aren't you?"

"Excuse me, but I have no idea what you're talking about," says the customer. (Playing dumb or just blonde?)"I've never been to this bar before in my life!"

"Sorry. My mistake," says the bartender. "You must have a double."

"Hey thanks, dude!" says the woman. "Make it Manhattan."

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