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There is a man in Santa Barbara, Ca named Ashley Brilliant. And he is Brilliant! Here are a few of his quotes he allows me to post with his permission. His website is listed as well.

“Strange as it may seem, my life is based on a true story”

"I have abandoned my search for truth and am now looking for a good fantasy"

"Appreciate me now, and avoid the rush"

"To most people I am nobody, but what matters is being somebody to everbody who is somebody to me"

“Life is the only game in which the object of the game is to learn the rules”

“My biggest problem is what to do about all the things I can't do anything about”

"My life has a superb cast but I can't figure out the plot"

"All I want is a warm bed and a kind word and unlimited power"

“I waited and waited, and when no message came, I knew it must have been from you”

"Please don't lie to me, unless you're absolutely sure I'll never find out the truth"

"My sources are unreliable, but their information is fascinating"

"Try to relax and enjoy the crisis"

"In order to keep an open mind, I am trying to avoid learning anything"

"The really great people are the ones who know how to make the little people feel great"

and for AdultFriendFinder peeps:

"No man is an island, but some of us are long peninsulas." HA!

“The trouble is that sex is a force of nature, and reason is not”

"If you can't learn to do it well, learn to enjoy doing it badly."

"Words are a wonderful form of communication, but they will never replace kisses and punches."

He sent me an email the other day and any one from Canada...we need to help him get his Chocolate!

June 9 2006
The list of worries I recently sent you has brought an amazingly voluminous response. I truly thought my list was fairly comprehensive, but am staggered by how many more things to worry about you’ve been sending me. (He uses worries to make his creative writings.)Worries, what are those?

There was one worry, however, which I didn’t list, but which nobody else has so far mentioned: ENDANGERED CHOCOLATE SUPPLIES!

Back in the year 1813, the United States and Canada were at war with each other. It was a shameful business on both sides. The Americans invaded Canada and burned the city we now call Toronto. The British (who still ruled Canada) invaded America, and burned Washington D.C. It was not a great time for heroes, but each country made the most of those it had. One hero the Canadians still celebrate was a woman whose now-legendary feat was to go out one night from her home near the American border and warn some British troops that the Americans were coming.

The name of that woman was LAURA SECORD, and it has always been very special to me. Not, however, because of her heroic act, but because it is also the name of a brand of Canadian chocolates. When I was a child living in Toronto, there was a magic in that name, and its effects have never entirely left me.

Only recently, through a gift from a friend in Canada, I became aware of a Laura Secord chocolate bar I had never encountered before. It is called “French Mint.” I know we all have different tastes, but for me, in terms of chocolate, this was as close to divinity as I ever expect to experience upon this earth.

As a confirmed chocoholic, my immediate reaction was to seek to safeguard my line of supply. I could not remain dependent for this substance on my kind Canadian friend. But there seemed to be no way of ordering it anywhere online. I therefore sent the following plea directly to the Company:
Dear Laura Secord,
I live in Santa Barbara, California. Would you please tell me where
or how I can purchase your FRENCH MINT chocolate bars.
The response I received was sad and alarming:
Thank you for your email. Currently we do not offer shipping to the US. It has not been profitable for us to ship to the USA because US customs has made it very difficult to ship product since 9/11. We recommend that you arrange for a contact in Canada to ship product since it is much easier for individuals to ship product for non-business purposes.
Kind regards,
Receptionist/ Office Administrator
Laura Secord
2700 Matheson Boulevard East
Suite 800, East Tower
Mississauga, ON
L4W 4V9
PH: (905) 614-5403
I was appalled by the reason Ms. Portis gave for not being able to sell me her "product." Never had I felt so directly affected by the dreadful impact of world events. Two hundred years after Laura Secord performed her glorious deed along a troubled border, we all still live in an atmosphere of insecurity. And in consequence, even the innocent trade in chocolate, across that very border, has had to be curtailed.

Can anything be more worth worrying about than this?

All the best,
Ashleigh Brilliant

ASHLEIGH BRILLIANT, 117 W. Valerio St. Santa Barbara CA 93101 USA. Creator of POT-SHOTS, syndicated author of I MAY NOT BE TOTALLY PERFECT, BUT PARTS OF ME ARE EXCELLENT. 10,000 copyrighted BRILLIANT THOUGHTS available as cards, books etc.World's highest-paid writer (per word). Most-quoted author (per Reader's Digest.) Free daily Pot-Shot cartoon: at ashleigh brilliant d o t c o m

Can anyone find Willy Wonka to call this Laura chick to tell her a Brilliant man in SB needs his fix! Canada....Hello?

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