Best Places to have sex in San Diego  

rm_Simplysexy65 50F
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6/26/2006 1:53 pm
Best Places to have sex in San Diego

1. Elementary school playgrounds are fairly easy to access at night and feature things like monkey bars that can be fun for monkeying around.

If that doesn’t float your boat, try the slide. Sometimes it’s difficult to get two people to fit on one so try having one person stand while the sliding partner provides oral pleasure.

If you prefer to be old fashioned about your public sex and do it in a car, elementary school parking lots are great. For some reason, cops never seem to drive by them or stop in them. Maybe they think it’s the janitor’s car.

2. If you’re in a parking garage at a mall, have sex on the bottom or top floors, which is never as crowded as the street level lot.

3. One great spot to have sex is the 7th floor of the U.S. Grant Hotel. If you take the elevator to that floor and get out, there is a window that opens and allows roof access. Sometimes, it’s locked but it’s a worth a chance if it means humping your brains out while overlooking the Gaslamp District. And I was only kicked out of "Jimmy Loves"...the club down at the Gaslamp once....and I blame the Government....those damn marines made me do it!

4. Many nights the Convention Center is pretty desolate and if you’re willing to walk up a long flight of stairs, you can get nasty while overlooking the Embarcadero. If you get caught with your pants down, try speaking a strange European dialect. Everyone knows Europeans are pervs so the cops will probably let you off the hook. If you want to try the Euro ruse, carry around a pack of Mentos and pull it out while you’re dressing and say, ``Mentos! The Freshmaker.’’

Then run.

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