Angel of the Night  

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4/27/2006 10:15 am

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Angel of the Night

He awaits me in the evening light
A vision of darkness is this angel
Of the night
Lips full and sensuous...
Eyes black as coal
Seduction is his mission,
Possession his goal.
He calls to me softly,
Whispering my name,
Wanting me to join him,
Playing his mind game.
Sending me his thoughts,
His wants,
His desires,
Making me ache for his delicious erotic fires.
I close my eyes trying to block out the sound.
But I find myself weakening,
His voice lures me outside,
Towards his presence,
His eyes gazing into mine
With a burning brilliance.
I try to look away,
But I feel his amorous allure,
Then he smiles and i'm lost,
He laughs softly,
Amused by my unease,
Speaking ever so tenderly,
His one wish to please.
His caressing touch,
Sets my soul ablaze.
As I fall victim to his entancing ways
My resistance melts,
As he places a kiss
Upon my quivering lips,
Oh what bliss!
He invades,
And explores,
As his tongue tastes,
Moaning my mind tells me to pull away,
But my emotions take over,
Wanting only to stay.
His lips move along a very flushed cheek,
Traveling down,
A new target they seek.
I cannot think,
I'm dazed,
Stuggling to stay focused,
Feeling helpless.
Once again he whispers softly in my ear,
Knowing just he right words I long to hear.
I am lost in his attentivness,
Enthralled by his voice,
Aware that he is in control,
That I have no choice.
He lays me down in a moonlight glen,
And slowly starts to seduce me again.
Clothing is shed,
Inhibitions wane,
As he uses his tongue to drive me insane.
I cry out feeling his tongue works it's way,
Along an inner thigh,
A tantilizing fore-play.
Lingering there,
Licking my moist sheen,
Wandering his way towards what lies between.
I feel his tongue enter,
Slipping ever so skillfully
Into my liquid center.
Arching my hips,
i show him my rapture.
Purring soflt,
As he delights in his capture.
He gazes up briefly,
With a wicked grin,
And then continues to draw forth
My juices from within.
The bittersweet anguish raging through me,
Brings on a slient cry to end this agony.
He pulls away,
Leaving me at ecstasy's door,
And I reach out to him
Begging for more.
He complies, As he leans forward,
Claiming a breast,
Urging me onward.
My body spasms as he gently nibbles,
On my now taunt and hardening nipples.
His hands trace a pattern of lust,
Along my skin,
Our eyes making contact,
Showing our need to sin.
For surely this must be taboo,
This feeling of elicit love,
These yearnings couldn't be blessed by heaven above.
I feel his desire growing,
Feel his passion,
His ardor,
And I know,
That soon he will quench his sexual hunger.
Gazing into my eyes,
He quickly thrusts,
Into my quivering lips
Luxuriating in my weakness,
As I meet him with my own obliging lips.
Pulses racing,
We move in a rhythmic dance of old.
Driving each to the brink,
As we become more obsessive and bold.
His movements become more sensual,
And I smile with a hidden delight,
For I hear him softly moan,
As I wrap my legs around him tight.
And deeper he pluges,
As I feel my release drawing near,
And with each pleasurable movement,
I whisper my longing in his ear.
We feel our bodies preparing for climax
To this intoxicating coupling,
And together our passion explodes,
Our juices flooding,
Stifling my orgasmic cry.
As we touch the stars,
Reaching heavens gate
Then fall softly as our spasms die
Wrapped in the remnants of a sweet afterglow,
A final gift my lover wishes to bestow.
His lips touch my throat,
Then I feel his bite,
As he slowly brings me into his
Eternal erotic night.

snakee2 52M

5/2/2006 8:18 am

Certainly the gift for writing you have. Pair this with the never ending beauty you do posses, and I am in heaven not only reading that which you put to print, but the thought of being the one in your story.

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