American Beauty  

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7/1/2006 8:23 pm

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American Beauty

When we actually buy into the idea and norm from societal thinking that states that we own possessions such as houses, land, tree's, auto's, businesses, toys, our children, or loved ones, we sometimes tend to forget that we own nothing in this world! We all only temporarily rent the land, possessions, and the like, and for a very very short time span.

Ego and fear are the killers and they distort, kill, harm, hinder, and negate the one truth. We are merely all just organisms that infest this world we live in no matter how much we rationalize the importance of our existence. There are tree's where I live that are older than some grand parents and they will still be alive when their grandchildren are long gone and buried.

OK, kind of a bummer, but you know many of us humans think that possessions, money, toys, relationships, who we know, what we have, what we do, etc., is so God Damn important, but do you think that the 200 year old tree's care one bit about that, yet we often delude our self into thinking that some of us are more important than others because of who we are, or what we do, or what we have acquired in our short lives, even though we can't take it with us when we return to the earth-or at least our toys are not too much fun to play with when we are gone.

The truth is that we are all equally different, special, and one of a kind, and thus we are all precious by definition. No one is more important than another, we are all important.

We live, we learn and we grow-hopefully. Sometimes that means that the world we live in and the people that we frequent and that choose to share time and love with us, can and will come and go within the boundaries of our respective lives, and that is their right as it is ours. The hope here, is that we can learn from one another and revel in the life and love that we may share in one another because all of our lives are transient at best.

If you have lived, learned and been lucky enough to have loved others even briefly, and you found them in the arms of another, perhaps that is a path and lesson that they need to live, learn and travel upon. Is it right that they cheat on you?Of course not. Does it hurt like hell when it happens? Of course it does. Can it effect your heart, mind, attitude and life, well that's entirely up to you. You choose how you feel, and how you live and love, and your attitude for each and every day of your own life. No one has the power to make you feel bad, lonely, unloved, stupid, silly, angry, jealous, hurt, mean spirited, vengeful, useless, sad, etc., only you have the power to do that.

We live, love, learn and grow, and hopefully we are lucky enough to procreate and share some of what we know with our children, friends, family, and loved ones, and "how we live, and what we give" each and every day defines who we are and how important we really are, because these are the things that will out live us and hopefully effect positively the lives of others that we interact with while we are in this physical realm, and that is both our gift and our legacy.

Trust in yourself, trust in your ability to give, learn, love and impart your wisdom and positive daily synergy to others when ever and as often as you can each and every day, and I guarantee that when you find someone you love in the arms of another, it won't matter as much, relative to all of the above mentioned, because if someone chooses another over you, whether under duplicitous circumstances or not, that is not your concern, because it's not your life to live, and you have no control over how someone else feels, lives and loves, you only have control over your own actions, and attitude. You learn, you live, you love, and then hopefully your heart, mind and spirit grow smarter, stronger and emotionally more healthy and happy, and shouldn't that be enough.

Forgiveness is part of that growth process, as is moving on, learning, living and loving

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Our only real possessions, integrity, honor, and diligence

Love and everything else we give and if we are lucky we may receive, but only for a short while

the only real freedom anyone really has is the ability to make our own dices ion, unfortunately, most of allows peer pressure or popularity to make our choices

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7/2/2006 10:13 am

a rare yet prepossessing and innately complex perspective …

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