How did I get here?????  

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10/2/2005 3:14 pm

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How did I get here?????

After visiting AdultFriendFinder site and reading so many profiles, sending a multitude of answers and getting so very few in return (those who did answer I give credit for having good manners!) I just wonder where we are all at in searching for either a "long term relationship," or just plain physical satisfaction?

If you read my title (which I'm sure you did or you wouldn't have read this far) you will see that I describe my problem as one that is probably considered so fortunate for anyone to have! To be my age and feel so good, be very fit (I do take very good care of myself, and fortunatly have very good genes) and look so much younger. I don't say this, others do. I don't feel my age; not a bit!

And then there is the sexual desire that just doesn't quit!!!!

So, here I am, still searching for a "long term realationship" (!) and, or shor term friendships and sexual liasons.

So, ladies out there, where do I go from here?
Do I continue to pursue you and go through countless "rebuffs," or turn tail and run????

Frankly, I choose to pursue you until my dying breath.

There is nothing, nothing like a good relationship, and nothing like good sex...when I say "good sex," I mean sex with emotional content.
Without emotional content, sex is just plain sex. With emotional content, it's like having the proverbial strawberry shortcake, not plain, but with the delicious whipped cream!

I live in one of the most beautiful areas in the world, the Sierra Nevadas. I live about 25 miles from the northern entrance to Yosemite Valley. I live at about the 3000ft level (just enough snow to make the winters beautifu, and not drudgery) with a partial view of Pine Mountain Lake. I spend my retirement days enjoying all the outdoor wonderments that are available to anyone with any senses at all.

I have helped raise seven beautiful children, all adults now, most married and with their own families. Four boys and three girls. I have been "single" since 1976......have had several connections with individual ladies but nothing that has "stuck." I'm still looking.

I am a voracious reader, writer and follower of global economic and political issues. I am a lifelong student of "alternative history." Those of you (ladies) who understand that term will understand the commitment it takes to continue to pursue those kinds or studies and keep your sanity especially during today's polictical machinations.

I am going to take up a new water sport that could take me far and wide...kayaking. A lady friend has introduced me to the sport and I am fairly hooked. I have bought several books, read them and those have pointed me to websites, more books, kayak dealers, etc. My goal is to kayak the Grand Canyon within several years.

I have a small El Toro classic (wood) sailboat that I am in the process of restoring. That will get me through most of the winters.

Ah, the winters in the Sierras! They are truly magnificent! And, soo,soooo humiliating to be just a mere human!!!!

I have lots of nervous energy that I dissipate during the day by long tough walks, and when housebound, I do moderate weight training. I am very tough on myself.

I admit that my largest drawback is that I am somewhat of an ascetic, not a "clothes horse," and am very comfortable with my singularity.

So, ladies of the world, what am I missing to lure you to my paradise? Where am I dropping the ball that keeps me from luring those ladies that I am trying to lure, between the ages of 45 and 60, no couch potatoes, please?
I feel that as soon as they see my age they turn and run for the hills!!!!

I enjoy your company as well as your sex.....I love all kinds of sex, consider myself a considerate, tender lover (have also been told many times that I am), and am throughly unselfish in my relationships.....

Where are you?????????????????


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