Blind date ;)  

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Blind date ;)

The year was 1986. We had recently reached US for our studies, my roommate had a penfriend somewhere in Texas and she invited him to visit her. She lived in Corpus Christi with a roommate and we were in Norman Oklahoma, a mere 1,000 or so miles away(who is counting miles when one has a hard on).

Our first break from studies and both of us headed south in my 73 Grand Prix like bats out of hell trying to break all landline speeding records for a jalopy, gathering a couple of speeding tickets along the way for show and tell.

We also invested in a good camera and a couple of rolls of film to document our conquests and to brag to the rest of the desi clan.

Got to Corpus in record time and by the time we rang the doorbell of the house our hearts were pounding hard in our chests about to burst from the anticipated excitement.

The door opened and a cheerful smile greeted us, bekoning us to come in. We had the opposite urge to be able to somehow vanish from the door, head back to the car and better our driving record on the way home !!!!

The girl filled the doorway!!, she had to step aside so we could enter the house. Her roommate wasn't any better, if not worse.

We were stuck for the weekend and while the girls went to the kitchen to get us some drinks, we had a hurried conference in Urdu and decided that since we are here, might as well make the most of the situation and most importantly, HIDE THE CAMERA. THERE SHOULD BE NO EVIDENCE OF THIS TRIP!

So we spent the evening on the beach with our babes, went for a bite to eat and returned to their apartment for the dreaded night that lay ahead.

We paired off with the two girls, my friend and his penpal, me and her roommate and went to their rooms for the night.

She started kissing and I tried to get on with it. I decided it was time I should do some exploring of my own and started to caress and play with here ample breasts (titanic should be the word). After about five minutes or so of fondling, I figured out that I haven't yet found her nipple. I paid a little more attention to where my hand was roaming and found out that I have been fondling one of her stomach folds all this time.

That did it for me. Mini-me decided to call it a day and went to sleep. No amount of persuasion could get him to come around so we called it a day and went to sleep.

The next day's program was abruptly cut short as we remembered that we haven't prepared for the upcoming test on monday. Hurriedly took our leave and headed back home with a deep sigh of relief.

We had another meeting back home and a decision was made:


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