need some advice  

rm_Shyness61 55F
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12/16/2005 10:31 pm

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need some advice

okay....there is a guy at work i am very attracted to and it is more than sex...
and it is a bit odd....1st he is not the type i normally go for....he is 6'1" blonde and blue eyed....normally i go for shorter and darker, but race and coloring have never been an issue with me.
okay...he has said he is somehwat interested in me and flirts heavily. i have been patient and am starting to despair. i am not normally the agressor, but should i take the lead or what?
while i am not seeing marriage i do see happiness for a good period of time....and who knows what the future brings. and i am not sure what he feels as he can not seem to find the time to talk about it, and talking about it at work is not an option.

Don't you know who he thinks he is?

imBambi 58M/50F

12/16/2005 11:25 pm

Dear Shy,

Everyone's personality is different so you have to do what is within (or close to) your comfort zone. Having said that, I would make the first move and ask him out on a date. If that is too forward for you, consider this approach:

Tell him that you want to go to a nice restaurant but you hate going to an upscale place alone. Ask him if he would mind doing you a "favor" by being your escort. Assure him that you will pick up the tab (you probably won't have to) and that you will return the favor in kind. In doing so, you actually get two dates without actually having to ask for a date (you are only asking for a favor/escort).

Good luck!

rm_oneeyedbob2 52M

12/20/2005 10:49 pm

ok, first off think about the whole situation. you work with this person. so if oyu do get together and something happens like a break up what will be the reaction at work. how will you handle seeing him everyday after it happens. im not saying it will happen. i am saying that you never eat where you shit. and others in the office will change. things might get interesting. and people will walk on ice around you two. im not trying to confuse you. but think before you strike. when you indulge in a work relationship and go into a sexual. or personal. something will happen. its a dual relationship that is probably going to be doomed from the get. find someone in the office next door. because the grass is always greener there.

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