Wig Road Kill  

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6/24/2006 3:16 am

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Wig Road Kill

(orignally posted at another friend finder site)

I was on my way to Mares' (my niece) place the other day when I saw something in the road.
It could have been a Pomerainian or a long haired cat.
As I was thinking "Ah, poor baby" I saw that it was a blonde wig.
Well, on another night as I was once again on my way to Mares' place I saw 2 blonde wigs in the middle of the road.
People please, keep your wigs safe indoors, or when outside, on a leash. This heart wrenching site is just too much.
To know that somewhere someone is looking for or mourning the loss of their blonde wig is a feeling of unbelievable sorrow!!
Get the word out!! Do not let your wigs roam the streets!! It is not safe!!

(posted comments from another friend finder site)
I can't believe that someone would have the NERVE to let their wigs out without a leash!!! When the first adopted their wig, didn't someone explain to them that the outside world is not a safe place? Didn't they learn how to properly care for their wig? It's too bad that you came upon that scene too late... you could have saved them. Wonder what you look like blonde?

Most importantly, Please spay or neuter your wigs.......

Don't you know who he thinks he is?

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