Shower Routine  

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Shower Routine

Awhile back I posted a blog about the difference between the way a man showers and a woman showers....all in good humor. But it did get me to thinking about the way I shower, and noticing just how I do shower, my routine.
Here's what I do:

turn on the water and turn the hot side up to heat up the shower

while it heats up I get naked and brush my hair
(makes for less tangles)

adjust heat and get in

brush my teeth using a Crest Spin Brush Pro (an awesome toothbrush) and get my body and hair wet while doing so

wash my hair, rinse and apply conditioner (I use Fructus Long and Strong)

while the conditioner sets in I wash my body with Dove soap, starting with my left arm, under arm, under the breasts, right arm, under arm, abdomen, private parts, legs and feet (do know how many people do not wash their feet?)

grab the Buff Puff and Phisoderm and wash my face and neck (important thing to remember ladies....the neck in your beauty routine)

rinse face and hair

now the whole time I am in the shower I keep adding hot water. This is because I am anemic and feel cold more intently than most people. (side note here; if you also do this and also feel cold or chilled even when it is hot out, or you constantly have dark circles under eyes and are tired have your doctor test for anemia)

Once clean, I turn up the heat one last time and just revel in it, and it is almost like a religious experience

Turn off water, chase excess water out of my hair and get out

Grab the towel for my hair only and wrap (real picky about that, hair towel does not touch anything but the hair), the the body towel and dry off in almost the way I showered, except I start with the right arm (don't ask me)

Disappointed? well that is my routine and all in all takes about 10 minutes and helps conserve water

I've posted a poll about showering Showering, very basic and my 1st poll so I don't have the hang of it yet

Don't you know who he thinks he is?

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