Sweet Dreams Part 2  

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4/19/2006 9:43 pm

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Sweet Dreams Part 2

Sweet Dreams: The Awakening

I've missed you so much. You surprised me by returning home earlier than expected, turning the hot dream I'd been having into a reality.

My hand strokes your hard cock through the fabric of your jeans. I lightly trace the outline of your bulge with my fingernail. Your cock throbs in response as you moan lightly. You watch me intently, your desire evident in your eyes.

I run my tongue over your lips teasingly, then slip past, kissing you deeply. Your hand slides up my side until it cups my breast. You tease my nipple between your thumb and forefinger until it hardens completely. I sigh against your lips, my fingers unfastening your jeans.

I slide my hand into your pants and stroke you through your underwear for a while. I take my time, knowing that it will make things that much better. You move against my palm, pinching my nipple harder as your other hand goes to my hair to hold my head as you return my kiss.

You try to move your hand down to remove your jeans. I end the kiss and shake my head.

"Uh uh, baby," I say in my sultriest voice. "Just lie back and enjoy."

I sit up, my hands going to your t-shirt and working it up your body. You raise up to allow me to slide it over your head. Once it's off, I gently press you back against the pillows and kiss you once more. My lips glide over your cheek to your ear. I trace it with my tongue, teasing the sensitive area just behind your earlobe. I smile to myself at your sharp intake of breath. I know what it does to you when I lick there.

I trail kisses down your neck, the tip of my tongue barely past my lips. I graze your shoulder with my teeth, rewarded by a louder moan from you. I know every button to push with you and I intend to push them all. I reach your chest, swirling my tongue over your nipple, then blowing cool air across it. It hardens, a miniature copy of my own.

I know all of my teasing is driving you crazy. I can feel your muscles straining as you try to keep yourself still. You're such a good sport, knowing that I'll more than make up for torturing you long before we're done.

I sit up again and tap your hip lightly. Your voice is a hoarse whisper as you say, "It's about time," and raise your hips for me. I tug your jeans and underwear over your ass and down your legs. Your cock jumps as if glad to finally be freed. You kick your clothes the rest of the way off, then lie there looking up at me.

Your cock is harder than I've ever seen it. I stare at it in wonder. It pulses with a life all its own. I can feel my pussy growing wet again, even as my mouth starts to water at the thought of feeling your cock between my lips.

I straddle your body, and lean down to kiss you again. Our tongues swirl against each other before I break the kiss. I slide down your body slowly, until I'm stroking my clit along the length of your cock. Mmmmmm....the smooth skin of your cock glides between my pussy lips, the head brushing my clit as I move against you. You reach up, cupping my tits, taking first one nipple then the other between your teeth. Your cock is slippery with my juices as I jack my clit along its length faster. I'm close to cumming again, and you know it. I lean forward as you bite my nipple harder, dragging your teeth along the sensitive flesh until I gasp with a mixture of pain and pleasure. You stop just behind the tip of my nipple, holding it between your teeth as your tongue flicks across the tip. I move my hips faster as my clit rubs against the head of your cock.

"Oh god, baby," I moan. "I'm gonna cummmmmm."

Smack!! Your hand slaps my ass. I moan louder. I love it when you do that. You slap my ass again and again. First one cheek then the other, until my skin is warm beneath your hands. You slide a finger down where my pussy touches your cock, coating it with my juices and smearing it up the crack of my ass. You don't penetrate...just applying pressure to my asshole as you massage it.

My head tilts back, my eyes squeezed shut. "I'm cummmminggg!!" I scream as I stroke myself faster. My juices coat your cock and balls, leaving them slick.

You take that as your cue and smack my ass hard one last time before grabbing my hips and shoving your cock deep within my pussy. I cling to you as you hold me still, grinding your cock deep within me. "Cum for me baby," you growl. "Oh yeah. Your pussy is so hot and wet."

I collapse on top of you. My tongue snakes from between my lips tasting the salty tang of the skin of your neck. Once I catch my breath I move off you and work my way down your body once again. I glance up to see you watching me through half closed eyelids as I trail kisses over your stomach. Your cock twitches with anticipation as my mouth draws closer.

You moan in disappointment when my lips don't immediately close around your cock. Disappointment turns to pleasure once more as you feel my tongue bathe my juices from your balls. Your hands tangle in my hair as I take one ball into my mouth then the other, sucking gently.

I move until I'm lying between your legs, your balls cradled between my tits. I run my tongue up and down the length of your cock until every drop of my juices has been licked away. I hear you gasp as my mouth finally closes over the head of your cock. I moan around it as my tongue flicks back and forth over the velvety head. Your body tenses, knowing what comes next. I wait, drawing out the suspense before my head drops down to take every inch into my mouth.

I love the feel of your cock as it slides in and out of my mouth. You feel the head touch the back of my throat as my lips meet your lower stomach. I stop there and moan again, sending the vibrations along your cock. Your hands rest lightly on either side of my head. You've never been one to try to shove my head down on your cock.

I move back up your cock, my teeth lightly raking the skin. You hiss as I gently nibble the head. I can feel your balls growing tighter. I raise my head and look up at you. Your eyes are glazed with desire as you stare back at me. "I've missed you sooooo much, lover," I tell you softly before lowering my head onto your glorious cock once more.

My head moves up and down slowly at first. I quicken my pace little by little as I begin to suck harder. I squirm between your legs, using my tits to massage your balls. You moan louder and I know you're about to go over the edge. I take you all the way in again, shaking my head as I moan around your cock. Your fingers tighten in my hair and I begin pumping my head up and down on your cock faster, sucking harder. Your moans turn into a growl as your cock jerks then explodes. I continue sucking as your hot cum floods my mouth. I swallow it greedily, my own body shuddering with delight. I give your cock one last lick, catching the final drop from the tip with my tongue.

You grab my shoulders and pull me up beside you, wrapping your arms around me. We lie there catching our breath. Your hands stroke my back lightly as you kiss the top of my head.

What a nice way to start the morning!

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4/20/2006 6:29 am

this is how i want to start my mornings.

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