Story: The Hot Tub  

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4/12/2006 8:48 pm

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Story: The Hot Tub

No, this is not based on actual events, sorry. When I'm bored and not gettin' any, I write. Hope you enjoy....

It's a lovely night. I just couldn't resist the lure of the hot tub. The weather is perfect for a moonlight soak. I step out onto the deck, and take a deep breath of the clean night air. Sliding out of my robe, I step down into the hot tub. I let out a sigh of contentment as the water bubbles over my bare skin.
I rest my head on the back of the tub, staring up at the starlit sky, and seeking out my favorite constellations. The motion of the water begins to arouse me. I can feel my nipples hardening in response. The bubbles beneath the surface tease the sensitive flesh between my legs. I slide my hands over my body. The water isn't the only thing that's wet.
I stand up and move to one of the jets, spreading my legs. The breeze stirs and my nipples grow harder as it caresses my flesh. I reach down, spreading my pussy lips and moaning quietly as the jet pulses over my clit. I settle myself on the ledge, spreading my legs wider. I can feel the water pounding into my pussy as I begin to roll my hard nipples between my fingers. I brace my hands against the edge of the tub, and move against the jet, fucking myself on the spout of water. I shift again so that the stream flows against my clit. My moans grow louder.
A sound from the nearby bushes catches my attention. I turn my head, staring through half-closed lids. I see you watching me, but pretend not to notice. I return to my play. I turn to face the edge of the tub, leaning against it so the jet thrusts at me from behind. I want to be sure you can see how much I'm enjoying this. I rock back and forth, jacking my pussy on the stream of water from the jet. I lift a tit to my mouth, licking, biting and sucking at the nipple. I hear a groan from the direction of the bushes, and know that the action had the desired affect on you. I pump against the jet faster... I throw my head back, biting my lip against the scream building up as I cum.
You step from the bushes, stroking away at your hard cock. I crook my finger at you, inviting you to join me. You waste no time in complying. You sit on the edge of the tub and I move to stand between your legs. My nipples brush against your balls as I lower my mouth onto your cock. You moan, your hands tangling in my hair. I begin to move my head up and down with long slow strokes. Your hands slide down over my shoulders, to my tits. I shiver as you begin to twist and pinch at my nipples. With one last, slow slurp, I move away, and you slide into the water with me. You move closer, using your leg to spread mine apart. Your cock slides into my pussy and I lean back against the ledge, raising my legs and wrapping them around your waist. You grasp my hips as you grind your cock deeper. I bury my face against your neck, muffling my moans.
You pull out and turn me around, positioning me in front of one of the jets, then sliding your cock into my pussy from behind. I grip the edge of the tub, moving to meet your thrusts. The water from the jet drives against my clit. We move together faster, our moans loud as the water splashes from our activity. "I'm cummming!" I cry out, bucking against you. Your hand slides down, spreading my pussy lips. Your finger flicks against my clit, joining the water jet in pushing me further over the edge. You pound deeper and faster into my pussy, then a loud moan escapes your lips as you cum with me. You release me, then climb from the hot tub, fading back into the night.........

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4/17/2006 6:34 pm

nice..very nice

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