Story: Mixing Business and Pleasure  

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5/4/2006 10:20 am

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Story: Mixing Business and Pleasure

I walked into your shop. Even though it was rather busy, you came from behind the counter and greeted me. It was too busy and noisy to talk out front, so you escorted me to the back of the store. Once inside, you closed and locked your office door behind you. I pretended not to notice.

“These are my designs,” I told you, setting card samples on your desk. I leaned forward to arrange the cards before you, giving you a clear view down my top.

You didn’t try to hide the fact that your eyes were glued to my cleavage. “Yes, those are very nice,” you replied.

One of the samples fell from the desk. I turned around, bending over to retrieve it. Your hand slid under my skirt, caressing its way up my thigh. I spread my legs a little as your fingers brushed the crotch of my thong panties. Your hand moved back, over my bare ass cheeks. “Very nice indeed,” you murmured.

Another card fell to the floor. I turned around to pick it up and you rose from your chair. Even without the tell-tale bulge straining your pants, the lust in your eyes spoke volumes. I smiled at you, my hand deliberately brushing against your crotch as I moved to place the cards back on the desk. I let the cards slip from my fingers as I turned my palm to cup your cock. I felt you growing harder as I stroked you through the fabric of your pants.

I reached forward with my other hand, and unfastened your belt and pants. I worked them down, then gently pushed you back into your chair before kneeling in front of you. I could feel you watching me as I stroked the length of your cock. I leaned forward, blowing warm air over the tip before opening my mouth wide and taking the head between my lips. You moan quietly as my mouth begins to slide up and down the length of your cock. I suck teasingly at first, then harder. Your fingers tangle in my hair as I take you all the way to the back of my throat. My hands move up your thighs to your shirt. I begin to undo the buttons while I continue to suck and lick your cock. I run my nails lightly over your chest, then begin to tease your nipples.

You arch your hips off the chair and begin to slowly fuck my mouth. I moan around your cock. I reach down between my legs with one hand, sliding my fingers inside my panties. My pussy is so wet that the crotch is soaked. I play with my pussy, using my free hand to stroke your cock while I turn the attentions of my mouth and tongue on your balls.

With a low growl, you grasp my shoulders and pull me to my feet. You raise my skirt over my ass and proceed to pull my panties down. You hand slides between my thighs, and you insert a finger into my wet pussy. I bite my lip to avoid crying out as another finger joins the first. Your fingers slide in and out slowly while you rub my clit with your thumb. I move against your fingers, urging you to move them faster. I grip the edge of the desk for support as I start to cum. You hold your fingers still deep within my pussy, feeling my muscles contract around them. You take your fingers from my pussy and grip my ass with both hands, pulling me forward until I’m straddling your lap, then guiding me down onto your hard cock.

The moan I’d been trying to keep inside escapes me as your cock fills my pussy. Your hands are at my blouse, working the buttons loose and pushing it off my shoulders. My bra is quick to follow. You take a breast in each hand, your thumbs brushing my nipples until they harden. You raise one to your mouth, grazing it with your teeth until my breath comes in short gasps. I hold your mouth in place, begging you to bite harder. You comply, trapping my nipple between your teeth while your tongue flicks against the sensitive tip. I squirm on your lap as I feel another orgasm building within me. You release my nipple and turn your attentions to its twin, repeating the process. You move beneath me as I fuck myself on your cock. You continue to pinch one nipple while biting the other, and I throw my head back in ecstasy. You arch your hips higher, impaling me on your cock until my orgasm subsides.

I rise unsteadily as you clear an area on your desk, and instruct me to bend over. You take your cock into your hand and rub the head of it up and down my pussy. I press back against you, wanting to feel you inside me once more. My pussy is so wet that you’re inside me again in no time at all. I grip the edge of the desk as you fuck me from behind. I grind my pussy against your cock, wanting you deeper. You grip my ass as you bury your cock to the hilt. I’m sure anyone who passes by your door can hear the sounds of our bodies slapping against each other, and our low moans of pleasure. The thought makes me hotter than ever, and it isn’t long before I’m cumming again. It must have the same effect on you because you pound me harder and faster, driving me to another orgasm before the last one subsides. Just when I think you’re close to your own climax, you stop and withdraw.

You pull me from the desk, then guide me onto the thickly carpeted floor. You push my thighs higher, then bury your cock inside me again. I pinch my nipples with abandon, arching my hips off the floor and grinding my pussy against your cock. Your hand slips between our bodies and your thumb rubs my clit hard and fast. I cover my mouth with one of my hands to stifle my cries as you manage to coax yet another orgasm out of me; this one harder and more intense than any of the others. You fuck me harder and faster as I cum, slamming your cock deep into my pussy. With a final thrust, I can feel your hot cum flood my pussy. When our climax subsides, you move away and we dress. You escort me from the office and back out to the storefront. None of the employees or customers seem to have noticed anything out of the ordinary. With a wink, I turn and leave the store. Very nice indeed!

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5/14/2006 9:17 am

why can''t this happen to me....

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