The art of selfsucking  

rm_Shortdogg65 51M
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4/22/2006 4:01 pm

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2/18/2010 9:12 pm

The art of selfsucking

After reading a blog post on flexiblity I thought it would be a good idea to weigh in on the subject of selfsucking(sucking your own dick). I don't see myself as being overly well endowed(7 and 1/4" on my best days)but I am flexible enough to be able to go down on myself. Some guys lay on their backs legs over, some do the legs under the arms contortion. I prefer just bending forward, either holding what i'm sitting on or the backs of my thighs. I find the best time to do it is after a hard days work when my body is stretched out and warmed up from the physical excertions of the day. I take a warm shower to relax and then do a little more stretching. If i'm sitting in my chair at the conputer, I lean back into it andthen roll my upper body forward over my groin. On my best days I find that I can tongue my belly between navel and the base of my shaft and if I lay my semihard dick back on my belly I can kiss the underside of the shaft. At this point I can either grip the base with one hand and suck the head or perform handsfree full length fellatio. Sometimes I can bring myself off this way though generally I wind up stroking it to completion. I've never actually swallowed a load. I don't really care for the taste that much. I will have to post a pic in my profile when I get a chance to take one. Shortdogg

honeycomb1974 44M/43F
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4/22/2006 5:29 pm

It was totally wild to watch you do that, to tell the truth I didn't think it could be done until you showed me.I was amazed watching! There are a few other tricks I think you should show them and you know what I am talking about! Honey

clitalicious67 49F

4/25/2006 2:24 am

Holy hell you are flexible!!! Cool post!

buzzingbuddy 51M

5/17/2006 4:39 am

Sure wish i was that flexible and a little longer in my endowment to perform self felatio.
I have recently discovered thati can be bi as i have now sucked a couple of otherguys off.
I have for many years wanked myself and enjoyed the taste of my own juice. I really quite enjoy it and never wast a drop.
I have many times tried to bend over and reach my member with my mouth, it has always been a number one fantasy of mine to be able to do this.

SPIT OR SWALLOW, hell swallow every time. You are certainly right about everyones cum having its own unique taste. And i can say i have once or twice swallowed what i should really have spat.

Great Blog Shortdog.

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