Am I On Candid Camera?  

rm_ShineOnU2 54M
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8/23/2006 11:39 am

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8/26/2006 1:17 am

Am I On Candid Camera?

Well, this was sure fucked up. A long time friend and client of mine needed some “high tech” work done on his yacht, in preparation for a fast approaching scheduled vacation. I ordered everything and scheduled everything. All of my ducks were in a row.

So Saturday comes…great day for anything & everything. Firstly I install & configure the GPS System’s hardware and associated software. Next, I install a 62” Flat Panel LCD TV/Monitor and of course that would not be complete without a new DVD Recorder and VCR and Tape Deck(?) and of course a new Surround Sound Stereo Receiver. Whew…and that would not be complete without new three-way speakers through out all four decks, galley, etc. Oh, Oh, and of course this would not be complete without…you guessed it…Satellite Television Reception, no matter where he is in the world. That was the most difficult bugger, getting that thing coded. At days end, all was complete. A job well done.

This guy with the yacht, Sandy, made his money in Real Estate. Until recently he owned Windermere Real Estate. He has been my friend for about 9 years now so I thought “Hell, who better to ask than he about a Real Estate attorney.” (I needed one for an easement issue.) So Sandy tells me straight up, says this guy is expensive but will take care of business. Cool, cuz that’s what I want.

So Monday comes and I drive over to this guys office. (I live on an island and in quite a small town). I explain my plight to the receptionist. She pretends to comiserate with me and has me sit there for a while. She goes in the attorney’s office, comes back out and I still sit there. After another 10 minutes, or so, she looks over at me and says (as if it just dawned on her) “You know, Mr. “Attorney” is actually trying to wrap things up with his clients right now, because hes getting ready to leave on vacation this Wednesday.” Oh Man! It sure sucks to be me right now.(I think to myself.) This old mind is slowing down a little…but I do catch on! It hits me! I slowly look up at her, gripping the arms of the chair as tightly as I can to keep from propelling myself at her should she give me the answer that I expect she will. I slowly ask her “Is he by any chance going on vacation with Sandy Yacht-guy?” She just looks at me with this stupid “Deer in the Headlights” look on her face and says “Why, yes I believe that he is. How on earth would you know that?”

Oh Man…Mother F_cker! Son of a B_tch! Co_K Sucker (I say to myself Ha!) I jump up out of my seat (and I got air man) and said “He owes me this visit! He owes me! If it weren’t for me spending all freakin’ day Saturday getting Sandy’s boat in ship-shape he wouldn’t be going on any God Damned vacation! You tell him he owes me this! By the way…is this some damned joke? C’mon, where’s the freakin’ camera?” She just looked at me like I was nuts. I kinda felt as though I probably looked like it to others too, so I kinda, sorta, just got my ass outta there.

Well, my tantrum went over like a “turd in the punch bowl.” Absolutely fruitless. They all went on their vacation, without so much as a freakin’ phone call to me!

ShyWhisper2006 53F
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8/23/2006 3:43 pm

*shakes head*...unbelieveable....sorry that happened to you...karma will get them...

OOps...Blog?? What blog??...*runs out quickly and hides at her blog*

rm_ShineOnU2 replies on 8/23/2006 4:37 pm:
Hi........Shy?......Where are you?........She was here a minute ago...

Oh well, if you see her will you tell her that I said "Hi," thanks.

I'll bet she's hiding over at her blog somewhere. I'll go see if I can find her. We should change her name from "ShyWhisper2006" to "The Disappearing Flasher." I swear I can never find that girl, she is so illusive. Flo have you seen shy? No? If you do, will you just tell her that I said "Hi." Thamk You. Okay well I'm heading over to her Blog right now...see you guys, Remember if any of you see her to tell her that Shine says "Hi." Okay? Okay. Bye

ShyWhisper2006 53F
15175 posts
8/25/2006 1:18 am

run run as fast as you cant catch me...i am the ginger(laced with maple) canaaaaadian

rm_ShineOnU2 replies on 8/25/2006 2:15 am:
Oh My God What a crack up you are! Shy oh My my Shy. I can't help it you know. I try...heaven knows I try, but there's this evil Shine and he like takes over times and I thought that I gotten rid of him but guess not, you unfortunately proof first hand. Oh b...I'm in Big Doo Doo.

I think I need to do something over in this other part of my Blog (scampering away, whle looking over shoulder.)

florallei 99F

8/26/2006 12:07 am

Oh not very nice eh? I noticed Hun...Shy is a friend and a fellow you have two Canucks visiting you...

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