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8/17/2005 4:57 pm

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I totally forgot I had this thing, it's hard to keep up with a sex journal, health journal and a day to day journal, plus this...I need a secretary. (heh), inside thought, okay I'll tell. That hot man, in those faded jeans, with that perfect body, and those glasses. Can I crawl up inside your chest and just have my way with you. If only I could tell you the things I think about. If only...

This thing, sucks, I really haven't found that one that has jumped out, well I like the Dennis Miller remark. (Thank-You), You can't find a chick nor a man; the man, with the glasses and jeans...(sweating), well I'll be all alone next friday...yeah sure, not gonna happen. So now I will go and live my happy yet boring life. Oh Joy Oh Bliss.

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