How does the memory compare with the fantasy?  

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7/9/2006 1:09 am

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How does the memory compare with the fantasy?

You've got to love the Summer... long, hot days... cool, clear nights. Stars flickering in the sky while you sit curled up in the back of your truck with some hot little thing on the back of nowhere, with just the wind and coyotes to keep you company.

Fingers whispering over soft, smooth skin... feeling goosebumps raise beneath your touch. And then a firm squeeze, feeling the heat of her body under your hands, feeling the life and energy strumming insde.

And knowing that in a little bit, it won't just be the coyotes howling and crying out into the night.

Do you ever feel that you're missing something, living in a thriving metropolis? Have you ever just... craved... to get away from the lights, the noise, the people... and get totally and completely immersed with each other? To just drink each other in until you're feverish, gasping for breath, and oblivious to the entire world?

I know some get the same feeling from being watched... of including others in that moment, sharing such an intimate secret so boldly. I've known people who fantasize about being taken against the wall of an alley while traffic on the sidewalk just passed them by... skirts thrown up over her hips, bare-assed to the world and full of grinding, hard cock... cheeks burning with the shame that any minute they could be caught.

I've always wondered which is more satisfying, the fantasy which makes these ideas so hot and erotic, or actually going through with it? The imagined touches... would it be rough, that wall in the alley? Would it scratch your skin as you were pounded against it...would it leave a mark? Would the night air in the back of that pickup tighten your nipples till they throbbed... would you find yourself blushing afterward at the wetspot left behind on the flesh-warmed steel?

How does the memory compare with the fantasy?

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