The neighbors are feeling frisky tonight!  

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12/13/2005 12:14 am

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The neighbors are feeling frisky tonight!

Here's a little sexy story for you.... DEFINITELY LET ME KNOW IF THIS IDEA TURNS YOU ON.

I practice shaddow-boxing with some kinky neighbors nextdoor. (It's basically an art of casting your body's shaddow into windows, or just on walls, making the shaddows appear to be doing sex acts.) Turns out, you can get very artistic with sceen transitions, like fades into different positions or locations. It's cool to see this couple's passion for eachother, and this medium, cast though merely a lusty light. They have a good set up, with a focusing light of variable intensity, so they can use it late at night, and all the way till dawn, without drawing unintended attention from it being to bright. We messed around this way all night until sunrise more than once. They liked it when I hung myself from my canopy bed. I'm sure the shaddow looked pretty cool to them, as there was nothing keeping them from seeing all of my silouette. We mostly communicate by pointing, or unmistakeable gestures (she likes to tell me to beat off for her). True words require stencils, and arranging a blurb to be cast via the light . . . At first I wanted them to pick up the phone, but that would detract from this very unique form of encounter.

The woman has even used her head's shaddow to give my sillouetted penis some long distance head. I was leaking and spasming and she was across the back yard from me! Her husband doesn't like me to interact to directly with her shaddow without it being arranged first. Commonly, his shaddow will disappear, and it will be just her and me for a while.

It would be great to find a partner that I could share with them. They have these trademark alignments and prepared props that they use to break up the hard core action. Occasionally they throw in a special coriagraphed moment, and I just watch them, amazed by their passion and the pefection of these singular moments. Of course, turning out for that practice wouldn't ever be a burden..

I'm telling you, this is WAY beyond shaddow puppets, it is so fucking hot! Unfortunately, I think my solo act id getting boring for them.. One night, late summe, they were having a couples party, and when I was on my porch having a smoke, one of their guests clearly waved me over. I shaved, got dressed up, and was over at their house in a half hour tops. When I arived at like 11:00 at night a guy in a tuxedo answered their door. This had to be the place right? I don't know why, but the butler/doorman insisted that I was mistaken. Yah, right, there was all this wierd ritual chalk on the doorway. I didn't know what to do other than shuffle my feet back to my place. After than, I started to close my blinds more often. (Hey, even I need some privacy now and again, and they were at it all the time!) Since they still involve me, all I can surmise is that I showed up stag to a couples party. BYOB . . . Bring your own booty.

So if you wana ever check out this strange thing called shaddowboxing, I'm sure everyone would enjoy it.

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