And then the Blog was born....  

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12/13/2005 12:13 am

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And then the Blog was born....

Damn creditors... One problem with having lots of stuff, is having to pay for it all So, today I had to get my mind off things. My roommate and I decided to hit the gym on a Monday for a change (usually to busy for us to lift). There was some nice T&A in the gym tonight and it was definitely worth the trip. I pushed my upper body pretty hard, so the arms are a little sore. ....But in that good way that comes after you lift a lot of weight, or do a lot of pushups (or whatever).

I've been working on filling out my tattoos lately. Progress is fulfilling, and they are stretching nicely . . . not twisting the image or anything. Most of my Tats have some symetry, so that's important.

Despite life handing me a bunch of crap today, I'm in a good mood! Everything got done at work, I kinda crammed it into a Monday, it was due Friday, but no one cared. I write software.

I also write poetry. Dark poetry, not nice stuff.

....If you ever want a piece, drop me a line

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