Princess and the Punk Ch. 4  

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Princess and the Punk Ch. 4

She couldn't believe that it was him! He had a hat on which made it hard to tell but she could never forget his eyes. She had dreamt of his so often that she was shocked that she hadn't recognized him. He hadn't said anything and was just looking into to eyes and seemed as shocked as she was.

"Thank you for the strawberries, they're my favorite." She finally broke the silence but didn't know what else to say. She hoped that he hadn't been able to hear how nervous she was.

He just nodded and she nervously looked down and took a bite of her strawberries. When she looked back at him he was just watching her.


She almost jumped it had been so unexpected. She laughed and was happy to see that he was just as nervous as she was.

"Rob," she said almost to herself, savoring his name. "I'm Jennifer."

He chuckled and nodded his head, "So it is short for something."

She blushed lightly and nodded. "Yeah, my sister Ginny's the only one that really calls me that now."

As soon as she said it, she regretted it. Bringing Virginia into the middle of everything was not something that she had wanted to do.

"So the blonde's your sister, I guess that makes sense." He was nodding to himself.

She turned away from him and grumpily took it out on the strawberries. She had somehow been hoping that he wouldn't remember her, but that obviously would never be the case.

"You must have all the looks in your family."

It caught her slightly off guard as she choked slightly on a strawberry. Turning to look at him she saw that he had been serious and started laughing loudly. Quickly she covered her mouth to try and cover the sound. She was in a roar of laughter, which meant she was making a funny noise that, according her to younger brother, sounded like a dieing cat.

"What? What's so funny?" He asked.

She held her free hand up in a wait motion and tried to get control of herself. Taking a few deep breaths she thought she was ready.

"We're identical..." she didn't get to finish the sentence because she started laughing again, not quite as strongly though. After a few moments of trying she was finally able to get control of herself.

"Thank you, no one's said that to me before." It made her heart race to have him say that. People had always associated her with Virginia, not the other way around.

"No way!" he gave a shocked look and leaned closer. "I don't believe that as beautiful as you are."

She could feel the blush in her ears and fidgeted with her food. He had remembered her name and thought that she was beautiful. She could feel her mind starting to spin and tried to stay focused. Turning she looked him in the eyes. She hoped that the longing she felt for him was reciprocated.

He leaned closer to her and she closed her eyes. When she felt his lips press against hers she felt like she was going to explode. It wasn't a long kiss and certainly not anywhere near as long as she wanted. She pursed her lips trying to recapture his touch. It wasn't anywhere near her fist kiss but she certainly hadn't felt like this afterward. She suddenly realized that she was holding her breath and let it out raggedly. When she opened her eyes she saw him smiling. Nervously she gave him a smile back and then looked away.

They sat side by side for a moment and she was eating her strawberries slowly wishing she could think of something to say. There was a lot that she wanted to say but couldn't bring herself to. She sighed as she finished her special treat and set the fork down and felt him move beside her. Before she could turn, his face was at her cheek. She could hear him take a few deep breaths and the touch of his breath to her cheek made her shiver inside.

"I haven't been able to stop thinking of you." He said quietly, his lips softly touched her ear as he spoke. He took another deep breath. "I came back to try and....find...just see you again."

She was breathing heavily now, both from his words and touch. Her eyes were closed yet everything was spinning. She wanted to say the same thing to him but couldn't find any words. After a moment he sat back in his stool. She turned to look at him and he looked upset. Not knowing what else to do she leaned in like he had done but couldn't find any words. Standing up so that she was slightly above eye level she leaned against him.

Finally she talked herself into doing it and reached out and took his face in her hands and pulled him to her for a kiss. He seemed a little shocked by her acts but quickly began to kiss her back. His arms went around her and he turned so that she was pressing fully against him. A few of her fingertips slipped under his hat and their kiss broke shortly for a few panting breaths before they were kissing again. His hand went up her back pinning her against him. She broke their kiss to take a few ragged breaths and he looked up at her.

She bit her lip and looked down from his gaze. She looked back up at him when he started to chuckle. He reached up his thumb trailed down her face guiding her to him for another sort but passionate kiss. She felt her knees go weak and almost collapsed against him. She laughed lightly and smiled at him as she tried to sit back down.

He slid as close as he could to her, his legs pressed against hers as well as her back. She smiled as he softly kissed her cheek.

"Did someone spike your strawberries?" He whispered softly into her ear making sure that his lips touched her.

She giggled he felt him smiling. When he sat back she smiled at him a little embarrassed that he had figured it out.

Mary was there now clearing away the empty bowl and giving them both fresh coffees. She smiled at them.

"I always thought chocolate was the way to a woman's heart." She winked at Jennifer.

"Remember the guy I was telling you about?" She held her hands out in a displaying manner.

"Ah, well I would suggest you two find a way to a booth before ya both fall over." She picked up the coffees and moved them over to where Jennifer had been sitting earlier.

Rob had already begun to stand up and put his arm around her as they walked over. Stepping around her he took her hand before slipping into the booth first pulling her along after. He put his arm around her back pulling her up close to him before taking a sip of coffee.

Jennifer giggled lightly at how natural he was. Never mind the fact that they were meeting for only the second time. He leaned down to her.

"What's so funny Jenny?" He said her name softly sending her butterflies into super sized.

Shaking her head lightly she smiled. "Comfy?"

He just smiled as his hand began to stroke her side causing her to catch her breath as his fingers slipped under the fabric and against her skin. She closed her eyes as his fingers traced along her pant line. She let out a soft 'o' as she felt his lips against her cheek kissing softly to her ear where he sucked the lobe into his mouth. She felt on fire, ever nerve in her body pulsed. There was an irresistible urge growing and felt the burning between her legs.

His other hand came up and cupped her face bring it back for a kiss. As they kissed his mouth pressed hers open and she moaned as his tongue flicked against her lips. She twisted and placed her hands on his chest as his tongue entered her mouth.

Their tongues began to duel in her mouth as his hand held the back of her head against him. She wanted more but wasn't sure what as her hands clenched his shirt. Their kiss became sloppier as they both gasped for air and she would press against him with each break wanting to feel him again, never ending. After finally catching a bit of breath they were again in a passionate kiss and she closed her mouth around his tongue, sucking it farther into her mouth. It seemed to excite him as he pulled her as much closer as he could.

Finally the broke their kiss, panting. He rested his head against hers and she let go of his shirt and began to let her hand fall slowly down his side. As she neared his pants his breath caught and she sought his lips.

He let go of her face and picked her hand up from his pants. Kissing her lightly he held her hand and then leaned back to look her in the eyes. His eyes had turned to hazed amber and she couldn't take her eyes off them. He kissed her hand and fingers softly and then looked back at her.

At first she didn't understand but slowly realized that if he was excited everyone would find out as they left. Blushing she looked away from him and laid her head on his shoulder. She traced her fingers over his hand and he kissed her hair.

She didn't want the kissing to end and a sudden madding thought came to her. Her apartment was a little more then a block away and she knew that Virginia would be getting up any time soon. Deciding that she would ask she lifted her head to his ear.

" apartment's about a block away..." She didn't quite know how to say it. Say that she wanted him to make love to her. That she wanted him to take her and be her first.

His breathing quickened but he didn't say anything for a moment. "I gotta go to the restroom first."

She leaned back and smiled at him before turning to behind them and pointing. He pushed her lightly and she got out of the booth. He quickly pushed past her to the restroom and she picked up her coat and put in before finishing her coffee while she waited for him.

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