Princess and the Punk Ch. 3  

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Princess and the Punk Ch. 3

Jennifer woke in a sweat. Breathing heavily she pushed the blanket off her. She couldn't remember much of the dream but the warm tingle between her legs told her just what it had been about. It had been the same thing sense the night she met him. She rolled to her back and sighed. She didn't understand why she had become so obsessed with him, but it certainly had taken hold of her. She dazed off looking at the ceiling as parts of the dream came back to her.

This one had been in some cabin with snow all around. They had been making love in front of a roaring fire. She closed her eyes and stretched ending with her legs apart pulling up the silk nightgown. The coolness of the fabric sliding up her leg made her let out a soft moan. Now he was running his hands up her legs, pulling the gown up and planting kissing along the way. She reached down and gently touched her inner thighs imagining his touch before softly touching the inner lips and biting her lip she slowly slid her finger up, gathering the wetness, and to her clit where she made slow, soft circles.

Her breath caught and her head went back as she slowly continued, occasionally dipping her fingers down to gather more wetness. Her speed slowly increased as she pulled the straps down one arm exposing her breast. Teasingly she played with the hardening nipple, tracing her fingers slowly around and pinching lightly. As her fantasy progressed to him fingering her, she began to insert a finger. Her speed slowly increased and she inserted two fingers.

Soon she could feel the wave mounting, dangerously close to washing over her, and she spread her fingers while inside her. With each plunge she could feel coming closer and closer. Carefully she placed her thumb over her clit and used each thrust to drag her thumb against it. Her breath caught and she had to concentrate to keep her hand moving. Sitting up onto her free elbow she shuddered as the wave rushed over her.

She collapsed onto the bed, the room spinning slowly. Taking deep breaths she waited in the darkness until everything came back to focus. During the last week she had began fingering herself. It had started with vibrator that night and slowly she had come to the point where that was the only desire. Turning to look at the clock it flashed a cold green 5:30 am at her. Any other day she'd be getting up to the alarm going off but sense today was the weekend, it just made her groan. Knowing that she wouldn't be able to go back to sleep she decided to just get up.

Slipping into her house shoes she picked up her robe off the end of her bed and made her way down the hall to the bathroom. After washing her hands she looked in the mirror. Her hair was slightly frizzing out of the braid that she had worn to bed. Smiling at herself she began to unbraid it letting the waved curls fall back down her back. After running her fingers through a few times to get rid of any tangles she pulled it back into a ponytail.

She went to make a cup of coffee and to get breakfast going. She had just happened to glance at the couch and saw clothes hanging over the edge. Quickly she went to Virginia's door checking that she hadn't wakened them before she went back to her room. Closing the door as quietly as she could she turned on the light and grumbled to herself.

Virginia had had another one of 'those nights' which meant that she did not want to wait around to hear them start again. At least that would explain why she had seemed to have such a wet dream. They had probably just fallen asleep too.

Picking out a warm sweater she quickly dressed. She didn't really mind too much though, she'd probably be glad that she went to the diner for food anyways. Sense they were rarely home together, Jennifer didn't make a habit of keeping much other then quick, cheap food in the house. If she wanted something more she'd typically go down the block to the little 'Ma and Pa' diner for home cooking.

She tucked her jeans into fur lined boots and grabbed her purse. Opening her door slowly she crept down the hall to the closet and pulled her out jacket. Careful not to make too much noise, she left and tried to lock the door as quietly as she could. She zipped up her jacket as she trotted down the stairs and out the door into the cold air. One thing that she loved about New York was the fall and now winter. The stale air of New York seemed a little lighter this time of year and it reminded her of growing up back home in Idaho.

She walked happily down the street. It was 2 weeks before Christmas and streets were beginning to crowd with unhappy people shuffling off to jobs that made them unhappy to try and buy that lost happiness. She pushed all that away as she walked and tried instead to think of what she'd like to eat. It usually involved some kind of eggs and pancakes but she always liked to try and find something new to eat.

As she entered the little diner she was greeted with many smiles and hellos. The familiar faces had become almost an extended family to her as she stopped by every morning. There was Joey and Eddie, both cooks, as well as Mary who was the waitress. She wasn't sure but she always thought there was some kind of love triangle going on there, or maybe ex-romances. Mary reminded her very much of her Mom and how she had always been rushing around trying to feed 5 kids that had their own schedules.

She took her usual place at the back booth. Once someone had tried to sit there and Joey had ended up running them out of the diner after telling them they couldn't sit there. She looked over the menu like always and tried to see if anything new looked good. Mary brought over her newspaper, toast and coffee and laughed.

"Now why'd you wanna look it that?" Mary teased. "I know what you like sweetie."

Laughing Jennifer nodded, "I know, one of these day's I'm going to try something else though!" Leaning forward she added, "Just to keep Joey on his toes!"

She got some sort of shout out of him as Mary walked away. Opening up the newspaper she tried to find something of interest. Failing to, she checked her horoscope for the day.

"Shopping won't be a problem as long as you have someone along who'll be able to talk you out of being excessive - more so than usual. Oddly enough, they won't meet much resistance. Ever think you might just be craving a little attention?"

She laughed and shook her head. The last think she thought described her was acquisitive. She flipped to the comics and finished her coffee just before Mary arrived with her pancakes and scrambled eggs.

Laughing lightly at the silly comics she picked at her eggs and then delightfully ate the strawberry topping. She had already moved onto her pancakes when she finished. Setting the paper across from her she quickly finished what was left.

Mary came over as she finished with a bowl of strawberries and poured her a new cup of coffee.

"Seems you have an admirer," Mary swooned, "and pretty cute to boot!"

When Jennifer gave her a puzzled look she just smiled and headed off. She loved strawberries and the home style sauce that they came with. Typically though she didn't get them on a weekend, they were her special treat for work � or more to the point the sugar high that she'd get from them. Laughing she looked around thinking that Virginia must have come in. She looked around at everyone there, most of whom she knew. There was a business man grumpily looking over the newspaper and downing his coffee, a guy buried in his coffee at the counter, and a few teenagers in the corner and then the regulars. None of them seemed to be paying any attention to her.

She poured some sugar onto the strawberries and ate a few before getting up and walking up to the counter. Waving for Joey to come over she asked him if he knew who had gotten her the strawberries. When he couldn't tell her she waited for Mary to walk back with an order.

"Mary, come on! Who was it?" Jennifer begged and put on her best pouting face.

She heard a guy laugh and looked across the counter at the guy who had been sulking over his coffee. He was smiling and took a long drink. She looked back at Mary with a questioned look and she gave a slight nod.

Turning to grab her strawberries she quickly walked around the counter and sat next to the guy. When she sat down he turned to look at her and she almost fell off the stool.

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