Princess and the Punk Ch. 2.2  

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Princess and the Punk Ch. 2.2

Jennifer ignored the rest of what her sister said on the way home. She gave a nod every once in a while when Virginia gave a concerned look and then would go back to looking out the window. She didn't have any answers for her sister - she barely had any for herself.

When they finally got back to their small apartment Jennifer quickly went to her room and locked the door. It would appear that the feelings from before weren't from the alcohol after all. Sighing as she fell on her bed she turned to stare the ceiling. She didn't think she was all that attractive and compared to her twin she certainly wasn't the looker, even though they were technically identical.

She felt the blush rush to her face as she thought about the fact that he must have thought she was pretty. When Virginia had walked away at the bar she thought she was going to die when his attention was still on her. Before moving to New York with Virginia, she hadn't been on many dates let alone had a boyfriend. While the number of dates she'd been on had sky rocketed, they hadn't been interested in her � they were simply the rejected or friend of the date.

A shiver ran down her back as she recalled his touch and being pulled into his arms. She bit her lip and closed her eyes remembering the feelings. When he had seemed to answer the question 'I wonder if he's really into me' with the "me too" her head had started to spin and she thought that she was going to float away when he pulled her to him.

She licked her lips as she remembered how hard his chest had felt against her hand. She imagined that he must work out regularly and the thought thrilled her. Even though she'd never been with a man, she knew from what her sister had told her that strong men could go for hours. She wondered what it would feel like to be in his arms, feeling him on her and in her at the same time.

Sighing hopelessly at the thought she stretched as she felt the moisture beginning to build between her legs. Reaching into the nightstand she pulled out her vibrator. Virginia had introduced it to her and had told her that it would make her feel great, which it did. It was a small bullet with a controller. She set it constant and touched it to the outside of her pants before turning it up to full power.

Through all her experimenting she had found that she liked to build up the sensation and tease herself. After placing the bullet fully against her, her body began to respond by rubbing back against her hand. Flustered by the sensation she quickly got up and undressed. After pulling off her boots she undid her pants. The thought came to her of disrobing for him and she slowly slid her pants off, sitting on the bed to keep running her hands down her legs. As she pulled the sweater off she felt a shiver rush through her body.

Looking across the room her reflection called to her from the floor mirror. She looked at herself there in her light pink bra and thong that read 'eat me'. Realizing what she had been wearing she began to giggle. She wondered what it would feel like to be touch there like that. Turning slightly she bundled her hair up to the top of her head and blew a kiss to the mirror which caused her to laugh again.

Settling back down on the bed she closed her eyes and tried to picture him. She couldn't remember everything about him, but she remembered his face and the way his hazel green eyes had made her blood turn to fire. Sighing lightly she began to trace her fingers over her abdomen and hips sending shivers through her body. Her chest began to ache against the bra and gingerly she undid the front hook. She could almost feel his fingertips spread the fabric away.

Her nipples were already hard and she traced small circles around both. She bit her lips as she could see him lying with her watching her which made her body tense and she pinched her nipples lightly. While they weren't large, a 34B, they were extremely sensitive to the point that she couldn't wear a bra after getting off work. Her back arched slightly from the sensation.

One hand strayed from her breast to her neck as she imagined him kissing and nipping his way to her breasts and continued slowly down. Slowly she slipped a hand under her panties and shuttered at the touch. Spreading her legs she touched the sensitive nub, slowly pulling the wetness up and around it. Her hips began to thrust against her movements as her lower body tensed. She licked her lips as the sensation grew before reaching for the vibrator.

Removing her hand from under her panties she touched the vibrating bullet's tip to her clit and her breath caught. She couldn't remember being this sensitive without actual contact of it and began to rock her hips against it. As her legs started to shake she pressed the full length of the toy against her and shuddered as the sensation washed over her. She tried to keep it in place until she felt like she would explode.

Giving her time to recover she lay there wondering if he would pleasure himself tonight. The thought of him touching himself while thinking of her sent a wave of emotion through her body and she picked the vibrator back up. This time setting to pulse she pushed it under the thin cloth. Before it had fully touched her, her hips began to thrust against the toy.

She'd only seen nude men online, some of it porn and tried to imagine what it would feel like. Her sister had told her it was soft and felt like silk inside you. As she pressed down with the toy her breathing was coming faster and faster as was the build up. She pinched her right nipple and held the pulsing toy against her as she bucked against it. Suddenly a new urge came over her and she began to push the tip against her hungry opening.

The sensation the vibrator gave her caused her to arch and press her heels into the bed. As she slowly pressed it inside of her she suddenly felt a giant wave crashing over her and she almost sat up from her muscle contracting. Now sitting with her legs spread and her fingers pressing the toy in farther her head went back as the sensation took her breath away.

Finally she couldn't take any more and quickly pulled the vibrator out from within her. The sensation caused her to loose her breath again and once it was sitting on the bed beside her she collapsed to the bed gasping for air. Her entire body shook and felt on fire. She had to keep telling herself to breath slowly.

The knock on the door startled her and she jumped up from the bed, almost stumbling. Grabbing her robe that was setting on the end of her bed she stuffed the toy into the pocket.

"Jenny, are you alright in there?" Her sister called through the door.

"Yeah hold on!" Jennifer hoped that her voice had sounded even. "I've got to unlock the door."

Cracking the door slightly she peered out at her sister and with the other hand pulled the robe tighter around her. Virginia gave her a concerned look but Jennifer shook it off.

"I'm fine. I think that I'm just going to go to bed."

She didn't wait for her sister to respond, shutting the door in her face. Slowly she walked over to the nightstand and put the toy back in the drawer. Pulling her arms back inside the robe she finished taking her bra off and left it where it fell. She walked over to her dresser and pulled out a silk nightgown. She hadn't worn it very often but tonight for some reason it seemed right.

As she snuggled into her bed she wrapped her arms around her pillow and fell asleep dreaming about being in his arms.

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