Princess and the Punk Ch. 1.2  

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Princess and the Punk Ch. 1.2

He couldn't take his eyes of her from the moment that he saw her. His friends had been the first to notice them, or more to the point the friend that she was with. Typically he and his friends had the same interests when it came to women, but this time he'd hardly noticed the blonde bimbo in the skimpy clothing. All he saw was the breathtakingly beautiful brunette in the tight jeans and sweater that swept off her shoulders.

As he watched them sit at a table across the bar, he vaguely heard the crude comments directed at the blonde. He watched as they fought over something. When the waiter brought to martini's he laughed silently to himself. She wasn't a big drinker, again something that usually wouldn't be an attraction. He watched as they talked, mostly the blonde talked and she listened.

All he could think about was wondering what she smelled like, how it would feel to run his fingers through her brown curls. When the waiter stopped by after the drinks were gone he almost laughed out loud from her reaction. It was like she was being blackmailed into taking a second drink. She sipped it extremely slowly and he found himself incredibly aroused, wondering what her lips would feel like wrapped around his member. Lost in the though of his cock in her mouth he'd barely noticed that their attention had seemed to turn to him.

He thought that their eyes locked for a moment and he gave a slightly embarrassed smile and took a big swig of his beer, if she only knew what he had been thinking about. He watched as her friend stood up and left, never taking his eyes off her. His thoughts again drifted to thoughts of the touch of her mouth when their eyes suddenly locked again. Her face flushed, he could see it all the way across the bar, as if she had just read his mind. Embarrassed he looked away. There was no way she could have known, but it still sent a chill through his body. When he looked back at her, she was taking a rather quick gulp of her drink and coughed slightly. The sight of her so off guard made him smile. Taking a matching gulp of his beer he watched as she snuck another glance at him.

A slap on the back brought him back.

"...right man?" Cody said leering at Josh.

"Hello! Earth to Mars, come in Mars!" Josh called to him waving a hand in front of his face. "Dude, let's go."

He didn't want to go, he wanted to stay and keep watching her, but if Josh wanted to leave he didn't have much of a choice.

"Alright, alright, just let me finish my beer." Rob said gruffly. Tipping it up, he finished it quickly.

Walking behind his friends he hoped to catch her eye once more, and he did. Their eyes locked, there was no denying it. He turned to back out the door so that he could soak in everything he could about her. Once out the doors he half heartedly joined in a conversation with Josh. As they were getting ready to get in the car the doors opened up. He found himself holding his breath that it would be her and held it a moment after it was.

"Hey Josh, here comes that blonde." He called over the Xterra.

Closing their doors when the blonde called out to them they stepped to the front of the truck.

"Jenny and I have bet going on. Could you help us?" The blonde said.

Jenny, he thought to himself. He wondered if that was sort for anything and nodded his head, never taking his eyes of her.

"Who's scarier, Michael Jackson or Marilyn Manson?" The blonde continued.

Josh chimed in Manson, but Rob didn't say anything, just looked into the baby blue eyes that were locked on his hazel greens. He wondered, and prayed that she was single and interested.

"What?" Jenny said looking away from him to the blonde. "Oh, I say that it's Jacko, definitely." She turned back to look at him.

Without even thinking about what she had said he just smiled. "Me too." It hadn't come out as loud or as masculine has he had hoped.

Suddenly she started to sway and put a hand up to her head as if trying to steady her brain. Reacting without thinking he reached out and grabbed her waist. He tried to keep his cool; she had just downed quite a bit when he had caught her looking at him. "Are you alright?" He pulled her closer to him. Secretly to have her close but also to make sure that she didn't fall. She fell into his arms, her hands resting on his chest sending a slight shiver through his body and to his groin.

He could smell the soft sent of strawberries in her hair and his arm tightened around her, wanting her. Her friend put her hand on Jenny's shoulder and asked if she was alright. When she suggested they go he immediately offered to help her to the car, anything to keep her in his arms just a moment longer.

Holding her tightly against him he followed the blonde. When Jenny laid her head against his chest as they walked he thought he was going to need someone to keep HIM from falling. She felt so incredible in his arms and it took all his self control to not show a reaction. He didn't want to run the risk of her friend telling her in the morning that some punk was feeling up on her. Unfortunately they were parked only a few cars away. Opening the door he helped her in and thinking quickly went to buckle her into the seat making their faces come incredibly close.

He could feel her breathing quickly as she closed her eyes and bit her lip. It was the most seductive thing had ever seen and he craved to taste her. Recalling his previous thoughts of her lips he pushed his hand down her side. He watched as her breath caught and her eyes flew open widely. When she started blushing he couldn't help himself and started to laugh lightly. It was an innocent touch but he might as well have thrown her on top of the car and started ravaging her, from the look she had given.

Reluctantly standing up he shut the door after the blonde had started the car. He stood there as they drove backed up and turned to leave the parking lot. He took note of the license plate. They were from around here, so hopefully would see them again. He'd just have to come back for a visit.

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