Princess and the Punk Ch. 1  

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Princess and the Punk Ch. 1

She could feel eyes on her the moment that she walked through the door. It was beginning to unsettle her as she shifted in her seat. She tried to pay attention to what her sister was talking about, figuring the eyes were more directed at her.

"Oh my God Jenny, there is this guy totally staring at us!" Virginia, nodding her head in his direction, "third table from the front, spiked black hair punk."

Turning slightly so that she could see in that direction, it was totally obvious that he was staring, his friends around him seemed to be talking about something but he just sat there looking, drinking a beer. She locked eyes for a moment with him and he smiled while taking a rather large gulp. Blushing Jennifer quickly looked away. Could he have been watching her all night?

"He is totally checking you out Jenny!" Virginia glanced back at him and then at her sister. "You should go say something to him."

With a nervous laugh she shook her head. "Come on Ginny, you know that it's not ME that everyone looks at."

Even though they were identical twins, it was hard to tell. Virginia had always died her hair light blonde and been into fashion and dressing up where as Jennifer usually pulled her long auburn hair back in a ponytail and been interested in books. Growing up they had never been close, Virginia being a cheerleader and popular and Jennifer always hiding in the shadows of her twin. After graduation Jennifer headed off to college and Virginia did whatever it was that she did. When Jennifer got a job in New York suddenly Virginia showed back up in her life and offered to move with her. Not wanting to be totally alone in a big city of course Jennifer said yes, and only occasionally regretted it.

"You should give yourself more credit then that Jenny! I'm going to go powder my nose and then you'll see that he's interested in you." Getting up from the table and brushing the tiny skirt back down her legs she headed off to the restroom.

Glancing over the table, pretending to watch her sister leave, Jennifer looked to see if his attention followed her. The blush she made must have been noticeable because he got a huge grin on his face and was the first to break their stare. She could feel the uneasiness of being watched suddenly shift into giant butterflies that made her head spin. Her heart started racing as she snuck another look at the guy, who again caught her look.

He definitely was a punk. His hair must have been 6 inches long and sticking up all over the place. It was obviously a dye job, his goatee and sole patch were a light brown. Other then that he looked pretty normal. He had on a black long sleeved shirt that ran down past his wrists, covering most of his hand that was holding the beer. She couldn't see anything else but he was cute, if you liked that sort of thing.

She could still feel him watching her and tugged nervously at the bottom of her shirt before pushing her hair out of her face and taking a long drink of her martini. She wasn't a big drinker and the kick of the alcohol made her cough slightly. As she set her drink down she looked over his way to see him smiling at her, looking over his beer. Their eyes locked again and just as she was starting to look away his friend slapped him on the back. Quickly she looked back down at her hands.

When she looked over again they were walking towards the door and she felt like she was going to explode. He locked eyes with hers as he walked; turning to back out the door so that he could keep watching her. She thought that he gave a little head nod, but wasn't sure as Virginia walked up.

"Oh! They're leaving, run out there and talk to him." Virginia hadn't sat down and stepped back to try and see out the door. "They're standing around, quick!" Reaching down she snatched Jennifer by the wrist and pulled her out of her chair.

"No, come on Ginny, he's probably drunk or something..."

It didn't matter, they were coming out the door before she had finished. The cold air almost took her breath away, and the fact that when the last set of doors opened he was looking their way. Still pulling on her sister's arm, Virginia headed straight towards them. He made a comment to one of the friends that had been getting in the car with him and they both stopped. Pulling Jennifer up closer to her, she walked faster.

"Excuse me." Virginia called to the group of guys. Pulling her sister along with her she walked up to the guy. "Jenny and I have a bet going on. Could you help us?" She batted her eyes, not that he was paying any attention to her.

He nodded but kept looking at Jennifer.

"Who's scarier, Michael Jackson or Marilyn Manson?"

His friends chimed in Manson, but he didn't say anything, just looked into the baby blue eyes that were locked on his hazel greens. With a slight nudge, Virginia tried to get Jennifer to say something.

"What?" Finally breaking away from his gaze, "Oh, I say that it's Jacko, definitely." She turned back to look at him.

He smiled. "Me too." His voice was deep and warm.

At the sound of his voice Jennifer felt her knees go weak. The way he had said seemed to be more directed at the question she had been asking herself and everything started to spin. Thrown off by the sudden wave of emotion she put her hand to her head and tried to regain her balance. Suddenly she felt someone grab a hold of her hip and looked up to see him standing dangerously close.

"Are you alright?" His voice was mixed with concern as he pulled her up closer to him.

She was so close to him that she could smell cigarette smoke and cologne. Again her senses were overloaded and she started to sway. Pulling her close to him, her hands landed on his chest as his arm went around her. She hadn't even noticed that while they had been talking Virginia had let go of her until she felt her sister's hand on her shoulder.

"Jenny, are you alright? Maybe we should go." Virginia was mentally yelling at herself for convincing her to order that second drink. She knew that her sister wasn't a big drinker, but she had always seemed able to handle her alcohol.

Jennifer hadn't really heard anything her sister had said, but when Virginia gave her a little shake on the shoulder, reality came back into focus a bit.

"I think I'm okay." She said trying to keep her balance as she stepped slightly away from him. "I guess I shouldn't have had that last drink." Her head was still clouded and she was having a hard time concentrating. Whether that was from the alcohol or from him, she didn't know.

He offered to help her to the car and Virginia thanked him. Holding her tightly around the waist, he helped her follow. Jennifer, not really noticing that she did it, laid her head against his chest as they walked. Fortunately, or not, they were parked only a few cars away. He opened the door and helped her in. Pulling the seatbelt around her, he had to lean into the car to buckle it, bringing their faces incredibly close.

Jennifer could feel his breath as he buckled her in. She closed her eyes and bit her lip as everything melted away. She thought, and hoped, that he would kiss her. She wanted to feel his lips against hers. To see what he tasted like. Her breath caught as his hand touched her side and her eyes flew open to see him watching her. Apparently she blushed as well because he chuckled lightly.

Standing back up he got ready to close the door. Her sister had already started the car when he finally shut the door. As they backed up Jennifer sat up a bit more in the seat.

"Are you alright Jenny? What was that all about? I've never seen you like this; did you really drink too much?" Virginia's voice almost cracked with concern.

Jennifer pursed her lips and tried to collect herself. Without him so close she was able to start thinking again.

"I don't think it was the drinking." She whispered and looked out the window.

Virginia started laughing. "So did the angels start singing before or after the earth shattered?"

Virginia knew full well what she had meant. When they had been younger, they used to imagine what it would be like if they ever found Mr. Right. Virginia had always had boyfriends, but she knew that they were just interested in her body. At that point, it had been fine, but they both were hopeless romantics. They had agreed that when you met him, time would stop and everything else would disappear.

The look on Jennifer's face told her everything.

"I don't know what happened. Everything started spinning and I thought I was going to float away." Biting her lip she turned to face her sister. "You don't think that we'll see them again do you?"

The hope in her sister's voice made her heart sink. In a city this big it would a miracle if they ever saw the same wait staff, let alone a group of guys. Smiling to her sister she nodded.

"Are you kidding, they're probably following us. You should have seen the two of you. He's just as head over heels for you!" She giggled and squeezed her sister's hand.

Jennifer looked out the window. She hoped that they would see him again, but she knew that it was pretty hopeless. She didn't even know what his name was. Sighing she laid her head on the window and tried to think of something other then him.

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