Princess and the Punk (Part 5.2)  

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Princess and the Punk (Part 5.2)

Rob could tell that she was deep in thought as they headed out of the diner. He took her hand was stroking his thumb over hers as they walked. He was worried that she might be changing her mind when she lost her balance after someone ran into her. Quickly he pulled her against him.

"Are you alright Jenny?" He held her tightly against him wishing that it hadn't been so cold so that he could have felt her against him.

She nodded and made some comment about rude people. He pulled her under his arm, his arm going around her shoulder. He loved the way she seemed to perfectly fit there. He had been lost in thoughts about that when he suddenly realized that he didn't have any condoms on him. If they were going to her place that was probably what she had intended. When he saw a small shop that would carry condoms he stopped.

"Don't move." He pointed a finger at her after placing her far enough from the door that she wouldn't be able to see what he bought. He was worried that she might be freaked out if she saw and he desperately wanted to be with her.

As he walked up to the counter he saw a small display with roses. Glancing back towards the door he smiled and picked out the darkest red rose. After purchasing a rather large pack of condoms he tucked them in the inside pocket of his jacket and held the rose behind his back.

When he walked out she was leaning towards the door trying to see in and he started laughing. He loved how animated she was.

"What? I didn't move!" She pointed to her feet.

He couldn't control himself and pulled her to him. Taking her face in his free hand he brought her face up for a soft kiss. When she stretched and leaned against him for another kiss he kissed her softly several times. He loved the fact that she wanted his touch and after several kisses he would stop just out of her reach and watch her pout for more kisses. When she pulled roughly on his jacket he kissed her.

Laughing he stepped back and held out the rose. He thought that she was going to start screaming, her eyes were large and bit her lip as if to hold it in. She smelled it several times and looked extremely emotional over the small gesture. Taking her hand he squeezed it and turned her. He wanted to get to her place now. He wanted to make her moan his name. He wanted her.

As they walked, Rob moved behind her putting his hands on her shoulders as they made their way through the crowds. The building that they stopped out was extremely nice compared to his. It certainly wasn't the most expensive apartments in the area but she, or her sister, must have a damn good paying job to live there. As they waited for the elevator he put her arms around her shoulders and kissed her hair, breathing in the sweet strawberry sent.

When they stepped into the elevator, he pushed her against the wall and kissed her. Her mouth opened instantly when he pressed he tongue to her lips. He loved the sweet taste of her as his tongue explored her mouth. He started to unzip her jacket when the elevator stopped and the doors opened. He smiled when she sighed and backed out the door. He was only a step behind her and pulled her to him when the cleared the doors.

When he tried to kiss her, she leaned back and pointed down the hall. He stroked her hand until they got to the last door in the hall. She seemed a bit shaken as she dug for the key. After sticking her head in, he assumed to make sure that her sister was decent; she motioned for him to be quiet. He smiled at the fact that she was sneaking him in. As they walked through the small living room/ kitchen he noted the clothes thrown all over the couch, including the thong and boxers.

He almost started to laugh when she blushed and quickly pulled him into a hallway. She stopped at one door before smiling up at him and continuing to the last door. While she shut, and heard the lock, the door he looked around her room. It was a pretty mellow room with a cluttered desktop. He figured she must have some kind of computer job as he saw all the text books in the bookcase. She certainly had money; the furniture was a beautiful maple with fun light blue sheets.

He loved the combination of fun and sophistication. She certainly had a style all her own. She was at the closet when he turned around, hanging up her coat. He moved behind her, letting his body press against her as he reached around her to hang up his own.

He let his hands drop around her, pulling her tightly against him. He let his hands rest on her hips as he began to kiss her neck. He could feel her breath catch and watched as she closed her eyes. He kissed her neck and then along the neck of the sweater. Her breathing was becoming heavier and he loved the effect he was having on her. His fingers began to trace along the bottom of the sweater as he kissed her.

When she pressed back against him breathing heavily he had to taste here. He spun her around he kissed her passionately. Taking her face in his hands he kissed her, taking her bottom lip into his mouth. He could taste the sweetness of her and lightly licked at her lip as he sucked it into his mouth. When she moaned lightly he let his hands drift up the back of her sweater, touching her soft skin. When she grabbed at him and fell against him he lost his self control.

He pulled her up onto him and her legs went around him. It was much easier to kiss her now that they were closer to the same height. She was driving him mad and when she took his face in her hands he could feel himself beginning to strain against his pants. As she took his bottom lip into her mouth he pressed them against the wall for support. He moaned and felt a bolt shoot to his groan as she sucked his lip softly.

The sensation was incredible and he brought a hand down to rub her thigh. He squeezed lightly when he would reach her hip, pulling her against him longing for the touch of her skin. When her tongue pressed into his mouth he brought his hand to squeeze her ass and was rewarded with a grinding against him. He kissed down her jaw and to her neck, wanting to hear the soft moans she had made earlier.

The soft sighs she made as he kissed along her neck thrilled him. He kissed his way to her ear and licked the lobe into his mouth. When she moaned he sucked and nipped at it. When she leaned her head back against the wall he decided to take a chance. Slowly he brought a hand up the front of her sweater letting his fingers brush softly against her skin. When she left out an 'o' he bit her neck lightly, feeling the pre cum beginning to rise.

When she called out his name he quickly moved his hand up to her breast and her back arched. He kissed and licked at her ear as she moaned. His fingers softly ran over the soft flesh of her small breast and then made small circles around her erect nipple. He licked at her as he would her nipple and her body started to shake against him. Slowly he rubbed his palm over her breast, feeling the nub pressing softly against his rough hands. Softly he closed his hand and began to message her perfect breast as she pressed her chest against his hand.

He kissed at her jaw, wanting to taste her and she took his face roughly into her hands. He loved the feeling of her silky hands and pressed his body against her. She was finding all of his triggers as her hands roamed over his shoulder and arm. When she laced her fingers through his hair he rubbed his hand over her body greedily. She was breathing so heavily that their kissing had turned into short and passionate.

All his fantasies of being with her came rushing back to him and as his hand came back to her breast, he pinched her nipple rather roughly. She rolled her head back, moaning, as he did. Her hands were shaking against him as she clutched at him and he hungrily pushed her sweater up to see her breasts. As she clumsily took the sweater off, he couldn't resist taking the soft pink nub into his mouth and licked at her breast.

She shook against him and in the back of his mind he wondered if she was organizing. Her breathing was coming in gasps and he wanted to hear her moan again, preferably his name. He softly bit her nipple and after another sudden gasping she grabbed his face and kissed him. The command she was showing made his hunger for her intensify. He put his arm around her waist and pulled her against him. He wanted to kiss her entire body.

Quickly, and without too much of a struggle, he laid them onto her bed. She began to tug his shirt up and he tried to oblige her without loosing the touch of her supple lips. After his shirt came off he pulled her back to him as they lay onto the bed again. Her soft breasts pressed warmly against him and he hooked his arm under her head while the other hand held her hip and lightly tugged at her pants.

He kissed down to her neck again, knowing that she enjoyed it. As he kissed her he would flick his tongue against her neck causing her to moan. With each moan he felt his desire grow and when she began to run her fingers over his side and arm he tried to make her moan more, kissing and nipping at her neck and ear. When her hand traveled to his pants he felt himself strain for her touch. His position on the bed was beginning to become extremely uncomfortable.

He began to kiss down her chest to her breasts. He could smell a soft sent of sweetness and sweat as he kissed around her breasts. She began to squirm beneath him when he would near her nipple. Slowly he licked around the hard pink nub listening to her moan. When he licked over it she let a long sigh sending a shiver down his back. He alternated between licking and blowing on her nipple.

When he moved to do the same to the other he saw her head go back as she bit her lip. Her hands went to his shoulders and pushed against him when he was near her nipple. With each push he would lick around it and then blow receiving a moan from her. When her hands finally clutched at him he gave her a long and rough lick causing her to shake. He hungrily took her breast into his mouth, sucking and licking listening to her moan out his name and press herself against his mouth.

He needed to taste her. He wanted to see her cum. Kissing roughly he made his way down to her navel as his hands moved over the crotch of her pants. He rubbed roughly before pulling the top button open. He moved down her sides, biting lightly as he opened her pants up. She moaned loudly and ground her hips against his hand. Kissing down her hip he pulled her clothes down slowly. He could feel her shudder occasionally as neared her center.

When he finally felt that he couldn't take any more he sat up and ripped her boots off before pulling her pants off. He couldn't take his eyes of her newly exposed flesh. Her pubic hair had been shaved into a thing strip. The dark hair set against her light skin sent a bolt through his groan and he twitched inside his pants. Slowly he ran his ands up her legs and spread them apart.

He licked his lips as he lay between her legs, watching her small flower open showing him just how much his touch could do to her. He saw her wetness glisten as it dripped from her. Softly he placed kisses on her thighs, slowly making his way up. When he got close enough that he could smell her strong sent, he switched legs and mimicked his previous actions. When he kissed against the sides of her pussy, her hips bucked trying to get his attention.

She moaned loudly when he lightly licked her clit. He felt her body tense as she called his name out again and again as he licked her. He repeated his licking and blowing technique that he had done with her nipples and would have her moaning and softly calling his name. When he sucked her little nub into his mouth she almost sat up. He pushed down on his hips to keep her down as her hips ground against his face.

He was beginning to wonder if he was going to cum from just pleasing her when she reached down and grabbed his hands. He had just laced their fingers when she came. Her entire body was shaking as she muttered his name softly. He moved to lap up her sweet juices as she came. He let go of one hand and brought it down, pressing his tongue farther inside her. He sucked her clit into his mouth when he began to finger her slowly. She was incredibly tight around his finger as her warmth pulled at him. When he went to pull back her hips moved with him.

He groaned loudly into her as her fingers ran through his hair and down the back of his neck. Her hips began to keep pace with him as he slowly fingered her. She was moaning and calling his name softly as he slowly added a finger. She pulled her hand free of his and forcefully brought his face to hers. He saw a few tear streaks as he kissed her and he prayed that he hadn't hurt her, though there certainly hadn't been any indication that he had.

When she hungrily kissed him and pulled his tongue into her mouth he groaned. The smallest things with her seemed to thrill him, like her wanting to taste herself. He pushed her back to the bed and in his arms as he took one hand and laced their fingers. Her free hand began to run down his side and hooked her leg around his.

He moved and rubbed his hand over her thigh as she stroked his face while sucking on his tongue. Between their gasps for air after he would steal kisses, breathing in her sent. When she opened her eyes he felt her shiver. He watched her eyes burn for a moment before kissing her softly.

When she sighed softly he kissed her softly again. He watched the nervousness in her eyes grow as her hand moved down his arm. He gave her soft kisses of encouragement but when her hand neared his, he moved to watch her hand push against his pants. Slowly began to sit up as he watched her hand pull down farther. When he looked back up at her she was reaching with the other hand. She smiled nervously and bit her lip as he felt the cloth exposing himself.

He watched her as she let out a ragged breath. He was almost trembling as she pulled them to his thighs. She seemed to have never SEEN a dick before. When her soft fingers touched him he groaned. He had wanted this so badly and as she fingers slowly moved down his shaft he had to fight himself from taking her. When she started to stroke him he moaned loudly, her slow movements were the most incredible feeling that he had ever felt.

He hadn't typically cared for a hand job by girlfriends before, but her small hand around him was almost too much. He pulled her to him and kissed her roughly as she stroked him, groaning as she sucked his tongue into her mouth. She began to lay back and he fought himself to stop. He pulled back and saw the look of horror on her face. Smiling he leaned down and kissed her softly.

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