Another true story from my life  

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8/4/2006 11:20 am
Another true story from my life

Many years ago, I had a brief encounter was with a cute babe named Cynthia. I bought her lunch and then we went back to my office to talk. Or at least, that's all I was planning on. Cynthia had other ideas though.

She was gorgeous - great smile and rock-hard D cups that I swore had to be store-bought, but I couldn't find any scars. I think that she thought she wasn't very pretty because her hips and legs were just the slightest bit heavy. It's amazing how many beautiful women think they are ugly because they don't look exactly like some supermodel.


Cynthia made herself right at home sitting on my desk. We kissed. We fondled. I undressed her. We kissed some more and I dropped my kisses down her body - still amazed at her incredible boobs. I finally got down to her sweet spot and found that she was bare - my first experience with a shaver. After 20 or 30 minutes of enjoying myself, she pushed me back into my chair, slipped my pants off and took a turn with her mouth.

After a bit, I pulled her back up, turned her around and bent her over my desk. Her sweet little pussy felt so good. I looked down to enjoy the sight of her sweet ass and I noticed the condom was a bit red. And there are red drops on my chair mat.


It seems her period had ended a couple of days before. (Or at least she thought it had!) Our activity must have stirred things up again. She was embarrassed and the mood was broken. Oh well, what can you do? I made her sit on my desk and used some baby wipes to clean up both her and the floor. She got dressed and I never saw her again - though I would sure love to try it again with her at a hotel this time!

Note to people having sex in their offices or cars: Keep a box of baby wipes handy. The unscented kind!

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