A real story  

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5/19/2006 12:21 pm

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A real story

It's funny, I never used to go looking for women to sleep with. But somehow they always seemed to find me.

I was chatting away on-line one night when a regular from the room IM'd me. I'd never met her in person but had seen her in the chat room numerous times. She told me she was turning 21 in a few days and wanted to give herself a present for her birthday. The present turned out to be me. It seems she had fantasies about being tied up and and used as a sex slave. Of
course, being a good White Knight I rode to her rescue.

I told her we would meet at 9am on the morning of her 21st birthday. She gave me her phone number so I could call and tell her what hotel and room number. When she arrived at the hotel, she was to knock and I would open the door for her. She was to walk four steps in to the room and kneel facing the window.

She seemed serious so I got the hotel room and gave her a call. I half-expected her not to show. But a little while later there was a knock on the door. The lights were all off. The heavy drapes were closed. I opened the door for her while standing as far back as I could in the darkened bathroom so she wouldn't see me. Like a dutiful slave she walked in four steps and sank to her knees facing the window with her back to me.

She was a big girl. She had long curly red hair and large floppy breasts to match the rest of her. Of course that didn't matter to me. I mention it only in passing.

The first thing I did was put a blindfold on her. I removed her sweater - gently, while giving her an occasional "accidental" caress. Next came the bra along with more caresses. I brushed my lips against the back of her neck. Kissed her shoulders. Ran my hands across her upper body, softly touching as she moaned for

I placed cuffs on her wrists - black leather with lambswool lining. I tied her hands behind her back and told her to stand up.

I removed her jeans. Again, "accidentally" touching her thighs oh so gently. Then her panties came down. They were soaking wet by this time. Then back on her knees. Another set of leather cuffs for her ankles. More rope to tie them together. And finally, wet panties in her mouth for a gag.

She was a neat little package. Blindfolded, gagged, bound hand and foot, hot little pussy dripping juices down her leg - and never even
saw who had put her in this predicament.

I picked up the knife I had used to cut the rope. Held the flat of the blade against her breast. I dragged it from her breast to her
neck, scraping it against her just hard enough for her to know what it was that I held.

She became very still. I could hear her thoughts, see the panic in her face beginning to mount. I felt the tension in her body as she realized she had put herself at the mercy of a complete stranger.

I pressed the knife against her throat and...

...told her that she should never ever do something that stupid again because while I'm not a psycho killer, I might well have been. Then she would be dead and no one would have a clue who had done it to her.

She was, understandably, a little freaked. So I gently calmed her, held her and caressed her some more. I give her bonus points though for not peeing all over the floor when I had the knife at her throat!

After she had calmed down, I took the panties out of her mouth and let her have a present as she was still on her knees. She turned out to be a hot little cocksucker. Very energetic and sloppy about it. I untied her ankles and wrists and made her crawl to the bed on all fours. Then up on the bed on her hands and knees for a birthday spanking for being such a bad girl.

Once her cheeks were nice and rosy, I turned her over and tied her to the bed spread-eagle so I could finally have some fun of my own.

I put a dildo in her mouth and told her to hold in place lest she be punished. Nipple clips - of course! A vibrator for her pussy, another, smaller one for her ass, and my tongue for her clit. I don't think she was used to receiving a lot of oral sex as she came so damn quickly. I imagine most of the guys she went out with probably just used her mouth and ignored her needs. So I gave her a few more orgasms just for good measure.

I fucked her for a bit which was kind of anti-climactic at this point. Then finished by jerking off in to her mouth. She greedily sucked every drop down. Like I said, a good little cocksucker.

After untying her, we just laid there and cuddled and talked. I love cuddling! Eventually we had to go so she got cleaned up and I sent her on her way. I took a shower and headed off to the office.

I met with a few more times over the next year or so. But I'll save those stories for later.

"I'm not the one you want babe
I'm not the one you need"

pet_humility 48F

5/19/2006 2:50 pm

The knife part took me over the edge.. damn

rm_SeriousFun2 55M
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5/22/2006 9:27 am

Over the edge? I'll assume you meant that in a good way!

Spiceitup880 60F

6/9/2006 4:44 pm

if your day job gets eliminated you can always write for some
lonely hearts club magazine.

rm_SeriousFun2 replies on 6/12/2006 6:08 am:
Thank you. I don't think I'll ever fire myself or eliminate my position so I think I'm safe there. And I would need to have a lot more adventures so I'd have something to write about!

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