a trapping release  

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8/1/2005 12:27 am

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a trapping release

i'm so speechless
i can't tell you what i want to say,
i just called to hear your voice,
i can't seem to stay away.

You sound so surprised,
but i know it's not happiness in your tone.
i knew i shouldn't have called,
but i can't seem to leave you alone..

You wander aimlessly around my mind,
in yours i'm but a figment-maybe not there at all
but i still feel like i need you so much,
that i just had to give in and call.

A silent conversation,
i can still feel my heart wanting you.
The confusion still sometimes gets me,
and i don't know exactly what to do.

i just keep it bottled up inside,
though there's so much i want you to hear
you're so distant now,
and becoming farther is what i always fear.

But i'll pick up the phone this one last time,
as i force myself to let go
and all the emotion i have inside
i will conceal and never again show

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