Day 1 - The Graveyard  

rm_ScottFromPDX 45M
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6/4/2006 12:59 am
Day 1 - The Graveyard

So, I paint miniatures. Yeah. Major Geekery.

I play D&D (3.5e for those who are fellow Gamer Geeks) with my older two boys. The younger plays a gnome who just got bit by a vampire.

Of course I built a graveyard. You see, I also craft. I create fantasy landscapes to play D&D with my miniatures. I have boats, a dock, buildings (some way cool houses... I should scan and post them) and stuff like that. So I built a graveyard. With graves, tombstones, an iron fence, a really cool-looking lantern, etc.

I put the miniature for Jen (the vampiric gnome) lying down on a fresh grave, for kicks. I crack me up.

But here's the freaky part. Today, the miniature was lying on the grave, right? Tonight, after dark, the miniature is gone. And I *know* I didn't move it, and it's way too high for the boys to reach it. And it's _gone_.

Where did Jen's mini go? It was lying on the fresh grave today, I know it was. And right now, it's gone.

If it's back in the morning, I'm going to find that a bit odd.

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