I Really am a plumber!  

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5/24/2006 4:36 pm

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I Really am a plumber!

I just got to work,sitting at my desk...the phone rings..its a woman says she has a leak under her kitchen sink,asks if i can come fix it right away...I say no problem mam,she gives me the address,I get in the van and head on over....I walk up to the door and ring the bell,she answers,she is very attractive but i don't know her,she looks at me funny but i don't really think anything of it.I go in take off my shoes and ask her to show me the leak.I follow her into the kitchen,open the doors under sink..she seems nervous but i don't know why,I crawl under the sink,laying on my back most of the upper half of my body in the cabinet,her taps are leaking, hard to get at...I ask her to pass me a wrench from my pouch ..she gets it leans over me on her hands and knees and hands it to me.While pulling away she puts her hand on my cock,it startles me ,I jump a little smacking my head on the pipes..OUCH.She says sorry Mr.SaskCouple13..the windows sure are steamy in here all 54 of them....My mind starts to race,she's still caressing my cock its rock hard,I cant believe its YOU!
You undue the zipper on my jeans,and pull my cock out,start slowly licking the head,i try to move from under the sink,but you bite down gently and mumble DON'T MOVE OR ELSE!
Slowly you start to insert it into your mouth deeper and deeper,Dam it feels so good,I want your pussy on my face so bad.I tell you to let me eat your pussy,you get up,I crawl out from under the sink....Lay down on the floor you say,I do,you slowly take all your clothes off while I watch,You come to me and straddle over my face,you smell so good I want it bad but you wont let me your holding my head down you start to move your hips back and forth just out of my tongues reach(This is driving me CRAZY)I can see your pussy is so moist i want to taste it..slowly you lower yourself my tongue is just touching your clit now still moving back and forth....your getting wetter and wetter,you start pushing down now your getting very excited you start to move faster and faster,now your grinding it into my face...my god its heavenly,my hands are on your ass i feel it start to quiver....You tighten up i feel the juices start to flow in my mouth and on my face,i swallow it all up...I can't get enough...You slowly get up its hard to do you knees are all weak,I get up,my cock is throbbing aching to be inside you ,I move to you and give you a kiss my arms wrapped around you...You can taste yourself on my lips this excites you even more i can feel you trembling.you kiss me harder,I pick you up and sit you on the kitchen counter,in the corner..spread your legs wide put one foot on one side and the other on the other side...I move in between your legs i have my cock in my hand..I start to rub the head against your clit..you MOAN..moving slowly at first the a little faster your getting really wet again you want me inside you but not yet!You start to shake pushing against me trying to get it inside of you but i wont give it to you yet rubbing it in the opening and on the clit faster and faster you explode gushing all over me ,your really tensed and vibrating uncontrollably,and NOW is when I push it hard deep inside of you,you groan very loudly I swear your going to hope through the ceiling I start to thrust slow but hard strokes your very wet,that excites me...I want your cum,I NEED it...your begging me to fuck you hard,I pull out and slap it against your clit very hard you love it I cram it back in ,pull out and cram it in again over and over my balls are boiling I really need to cum,I put it back in and start to fuck you hard I am going to cum i can feel it building,you are getting very hot and wet too,we are both sweating very badly...I'm still pounding deep inside you ,you tell me not to stop,your screaming FUCK ME, FUCK ME,
You start to squirt again and i push deep inside you...I erupt like i have never cum before...we both fall to the floor exhausted,we hold each other for awhile and passionately kiss.....It's time for me to go
I get dressed and start to leave...tell you if you ever need a plumber again you know who to call!

saddletrampsk 54F

5/24/2006 6:04 pm

Very sexy post..welcome to blogland..

hotnsexxxy2006 41M/41F

8/26/2006 8:12 am

Wow! That was hot! Would you happen to have a business card?

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