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10/14/2005 10:24 pm

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Free beach Geraldton

Hi, I’m Glen (AkA GT), my wife and I enjoy life to the full when we can, one of our favourite past times is the free beach (nude) at Geraldton and YES we do have a free beach.
The free beach is at the north end of Sunset Beach Geraldton, 700mtr from Triton Pl car park, the free beach starts at the big sand dun and it’s a nice walk to get to it or you can get in by 4x4 from Chapman Rd but let your tyre down its very soft sand.
This beach was gazetted as a free beach in 1993 by the city council, for 40 years before that it was only tolerated; it’s been a free (nude) beach as long as I can remember as I was born here in Geraldton.
City council will not sign post it as they say they don’t want it attracting the wrong sort of people there, what a load of crap.
We love being nude.
All my life I have love being in the sun nude, some doctors today say we all going to get cancer from the sun and other doctors say we need to get out in the sun more (dam catch 22 again) well I find if you take it easy and don’t get sun burnt and use a good sun cream your not going to have a problem, you do not need to get burnt to get a suntan.
There is nothing better than being on a beach with lots of nude people; the human body is one of the most beautiful works of creation it comes in all sizes.
The funny part about people is you can go to Broome and on a nice day go to the free beach and it hard to find a spot, naked body every where.
Geraldton on a nice day (when it’s not windy) the water is absolutely beautifully and serene the temp around 28 to 33deg, we find that the beach is empty and we are the only two people there.
Over the years I have met a lot of people down there from over seas on holidays and they have said that we have one of the nicest free beaches in Australia and some have even said its better then most beaches over seas.
Back in the 70’s and 80’s it always had 50 or more people on a nice day, have all these people left Geraldton or is Geraldton just going backwards.
The thing is if people don’t start going there we may end up losing our free beach and the nearest one to Geraldton, is south of Lemans some 2 to 3 hrs drive.
I am hopping this summer to see a lot more people there.
If and when your down there and we are there come over for a chat.

rm_spook4001 58M

11/14/2005 3:54 pm

Hi Glen,
Thanks for the post.
I used to go to Geraldton all the time for business and asked about if there was a "free beach"- the looks I got from people was a strong suggestion to stop asking such questions!
Damn! if only I had known about the beach you have described.
I agree, Gero is the perfect spot top get your gear off and get a good all over tan. Creeping about the sand dunes and risk geting arrested is no way to do it - it has to be permitted and out in the open.
I don't bother people in such situations, but if someone wants to chat that's okay. If they offer to rub in some suntan lotion - so much the better!
It's easy now, the next time I am heading up your way, I'll drop you a line and maybe the three of us can head down there together.
All the Best!

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