Fantasy or Lust?  

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10/18/2005 12:35 am

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Fantasy or Lust?

What are fantasies? Do we keep them just as fantasy or do we play them out?
Well in my case I like to play my fantasies out and then find a new fantasy.
Sexually I love just about anything and will try just about anything as long as it’s got no pain or filth.
Well if you have read my profile I am bisexual male and I don’t have a problem with having fun and living life to the full.
The fantasy I love the most is when I have a 3some (M/F/M) both guys bisexual, I found that the females seem to like it as much or more than me. The first time I every try it I was a little unsure as I did not know wether I would enjoy it, the couple I was with had ask what I like to do as it was my first 3some so I told them what I would like to try, mind you he was straight so I did not know how they would take it.
Then he said: yes we can try it, she was all for it as you could see just looking at her eyes, after playing around for sometime we got into my fantasy that I wanted to try, I laid on my back she kneeled over my face so I could lick her wet, hot pussy and it was wet and hot, then her hubby came from behind; he was well hung 8” to 9” and slipped his cock insider her wet pussy and started fucking her whiles I licked her pussy and his cock as it went in and out, she was sucking my cock the hole time, after about 15 min of bliss her hubby blow his load of cum deep in to her hot, wet pussy within a few seconds it got very hot, wet and sticky as his cum was sliding in and out as he fucked her, at that stage it got me so horny my ball felt like they were going to explode, I said to her I was going to cum and as her hubby pulled out and I put my tongue deeper into her sticky, wet and now very hot pussy licking all the juices out of her, at that moment I blow my load into her mouth she sucked every drop of cum out of my balls, I don’t think I had every blown so hard in my life.
The funny part of it all was the hubby who was very straight; he said: it was the best 3some they had ever had.
As for me I was in haven, I got to do my fantasy and I enjoy it so very much and the best thing was the couple enjoyed it too; well we did try it quite a few times again just to make sure it was good. My wife and I enjoy 3somes this way whenever we get the chance.

rm_whynot6880 58M

11/7/2005 4:27 pm


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