Moving Day  

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6/17/2006 3:01 pm
Moving Day

In the past twenty years, I have moved from Fremont to Omaha, to Wahoo, to Connecticut, back to Wahoo, to Fremont, to Omaha and now back to Fremont. You really know who your friends are when you move. Who else would sweat their butt off moving your shit with you?

The last move I made was from a rental to my house. After having the same people move me several times, I thought it best not to mention the M word. So I hired a company to move the furniture and heavy boxes. I was lucky and had several weeks to move the smaller boxes. Even though I didn't need the help, family was always there to chip in.

Today I helped my dad pack his things and load them into a moving truck. Since he is moving out of town, I guess I got off the hook of unloading the boxes. However, carrying boxes from a third floor apartment kicked my butt. Luckily my dad had several of his friends to help. So here I am sitting on my butt taking a smoke break every chance I get while these four middle age men worked non-stop. How lazy am I? lol

So now that my dad has everything packed up....including his bed, he is going to crash on my couch the next few nights before leaving town. that I have a built in babysitter the next few nights...I just may have to take advantage!!

Oh yeah....the meet n greet at Billy Frogs last night was a good time as always!!!

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